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A Minor Celebrity of Sorts

Jack has been potty training for the past couple of months, or more specifically, Jack is potty trained but he is still in that phase where he needs a reminder every once and awhile that he needs to make a trip to the bathroom.  1,123 more words


Usain is Insane: The Fastest Man Alive's Impressive Olympic Career Comes to an End

Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, won gold in his third consecutive 4x100m relay and final Olympic race on Friday night, making him the first Olympian to win three consecutive gold medals in three events in three different Olympics. 916 more words


A LOT OF CUDDLES: New York City's largest cat


New York city is famous for its big breakfasts and tiny apartments. It is also a haven for pet-lovers and one cat has certainly taken local, and now international media by storm. 234 more words


17-Year Old Justin Lynch Breaks Barriers In the Swim World

The relationship between water and people of African-descent is a complex one filled with so much trauma but also spirituality and celebration. 17 year old Justin Lynch is tapping into the latter by shattering records and bringing diversity and excellence in the world of competitive swimming. 50 more words


Captain's Corner

Card #28 features the Rhinos’ team captain from the 2016 season. This middle linebacker is retiring and riding off into the sunset after leading the AFA in tackles in his final year.

Ripleys Guinness Rishi - The Record Breaker - Oddly In India - 101India

With 25 Guinness Book Records and 25 certificates from the Limca Book of Records, Ripleys Guinness Rishi is obsessed with holding world records. To pursue his weird obsession, he’s gotten the flags of 366 countries tattooed on his body, with 46 of them just on his head. 247 more words

101 India

Defensive Standout

We honor a defensive record-breaker with card #15 of the 2016 Rhino Charge team set. This is also the first card to feature an image from the Santa Bowl.