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World’s Longest Dreadlocks

The world’s longest natural dreadlocks belong to Asha Mandela, a self-proclaimed “Black Rapunzel” and understandably so!

In 2009, Asha’s dreadlocks were officially measured by Guinness and found to be 19 feet, 6 inches long, with one lock measuring  55 feet, 7 inches. 109 more words


Track of the Day: "Mr. Blue Sky" by Electric Light Orchestra

“Mr. Blue Sky” is the celebratory response to my childhood favourite “Oh, Mr. Sun.”

On a gloomy day, five-year-old me would plead for Mr. Sun to “please shine down on me.” Electric Light Orchestra’s “Mr. 285 more words

The Most Expensive Wedding Dress on the Planet

The most expensive wedding dress ever made is the the Diamond Wedding Gown worth $12 million dollars.  The dress was created by designer Renee Strauss and master jeweler Martin Katz.  40 more words

Record Breaker

The Most Weight Lost By One Person

At his heaviest, Jon Brower Minnoch weighed approximately 1,400-lbs.  Minnoch was hospitalized in March 1978 at age 36 due to cardiac and respiratory failure. During his hospitalization it was discovered he was suffering from edema and carrying an estimated… 138 more words


Track of the Day: "Passionfruit" by Drake

If there is one thing I am passionate about from Drake’s new album More Life, it is most definitely his third track (and my favourite fruit), “Passionfruit.” 298 more words

Track of the Day: "Remember Me" by Jennifer Hudson

Though we haven’t heard much of Jennifer Hudson since her 2014 album JHUD, this new single makes the Oscar and Grammy Award Winner impossible to forget. 329 more words