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Should Radio Broadcasters Pay a Performance Tax?

I have been on a “vision quest” the past three months. A quest for knowledge. A quest for lessening the tension created in my mind over three things I love dearly – the Copyright Act, broadcasting and music. 2,367 more words

Intellectual Property

The Corrupt Music Industry

As we all know, the music business is one of the biggest money making industries in the world. But how genuine is it?

Lets be honest, we all enjoy listening to music, no matter what genre, what year it was made or which artists you prefer, everyone has at least one song that can take them back in time and bring that powerful nostalgia to our minds. 318 more words

Good Night Lucille

“You only live but once, and when you’re died, you’re done, so let the good times roll”-BB King

In memory of BB King who just passed away at age 89.

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The Biggest Problem in the Music Industry

So for my final project in my Survey of Music Industry class, I was asked to write a paper on what I believed to be the biggest problem in the music industry today. 1,635 more words