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Apple's new music mastermind has been named: Trent Reznor

Apple’s much-anticipated overhaul of its music strategy amid the decline of digital track downloads is gathering pace.

Recall that the company bought Beats Electronics, a high-end headphones maker and streaming music service, for $3 billion… 501 more words

Investors think streaming could take music back to its glory days

Investors suddenly seem to think the outlook for the music business is not as bleak as the commentary surrounding it suggests.

Consider the following examples: 518 more words

The dark disco mastermind, head of Italians Do It Better and factor in all of the label’s acts, has a fascinating Pitchfork feature interview this week.

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Record Labels

Are Spotify's days numbered?

According to an article published by Rolling Stone last Friday, no one in the music industry is happy with how Spotify’s been doing business. The Stone’s Steve Knopper quoted record label executives and referenced recent artist statements, all unified in their disappointment at how giving music away for free has somehow failed to make them money. 746 more words


Tell Me Again How There's No Monopoly in the Music Industry

Most all of the record labels you know are owned by three major parent corporations: SONY, Universal Music Group (UMG), and Warner Music Group (WMG). Even Sub Pop, the once-famous Seattle independent label, is now owned by WMG. 106 more words


One hedge fund is jumping into the debate over the future of music

A lot of people are trying to figure out what the future of music will look (sound?) like, and that now includes at least one heavy hitter… 473 more words

The music industry wants to fight the internet again—and it's probably going to lose

AUSTIN, Texas–Should music ever be free? That was the inescapable topic of discussion among the hordes of recording-industry middlemen and hangers-on gathered for the music section of the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference last week. 1,465 more words