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What Good Is a Major Record Label Now?

 “The people I worked with got laid off one by one so the whole system got completely replaced—new President, new A&R, new marketing, new everything. Suddenly there were all these new people who had no idea who I was.

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Searching for American DIY at Gigawatts Fest

It’s no secret New York City is not the musical breeding ground of yore. Anthologized accounts of Patti Smith breaking onto the Max’s Kansas City scene, or Brian Eno recording a bunch of bands he discovered at a Tribeca art gallery in 1978 and giving birth to “No Wave”… these are hard origin stories to imagine in our fair city circa 2015. 3,035 more words

Big Record Labels in K-Pop

Big Record Labels in K-Pop

As mentioned in my last blog, there are different companies in K-Pop. Actually, there are HUNDREDS of them. But I picked the 3 biggest companies in K-Pop, because if I’m going to include all companies then this blog will be a whole mess. 171 more words


Guess Who’s Making a Comeback? Record #Labels. (Re/code)

Being a record label executive isn’t as cool (or fun) as it used to be. Ever since worldwide sales peaked at $38 billion in 1999, the industry for recorded music has contracted to less than half of that ($15 billion in 2014). 30 more words

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Special Publication Update

Attention Record Labels

Xombiewoof Magazine is planning a special Summer Vinyl Print Edition to be titled “Hot Wax 2015/ 2016

This special will be a informational buyers guide to the best albums and singles in vinyl for 2015 and 2016. 94 more words


Has it really been 30 years since the event that marked rock 'n' roll's passage into respectability?

It’s been sixty years since the birth of rock ‘n’ roll, and 30 years since the event that marked rock ‘n’ roll’s passage into respectability. Live Aid was held on 13 July 1985 in Wembley Stadium, it reached 1.9 billion people across 150 countries and raised £40 million. 310 more words