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Once Upon A Time In The Recording Industry

Once upon a time, the labels ruled the kingdom unchallenged. Transparency was a dirty word as the labels’ hid from their artists how much money came in and how much money they are entitled to, while at the same time, they charged the consumers high prices. 722 more words


PR in the Music Business

The music industry is struggling. This isn’t a new concept however, there have always been starving artists hoping and praying for their big break. They dream about having that one breakout album or single but sadly the chances of that are becoming lower as the years progress. 550 more words

Public Relations

A&R Lenny S Talks Music Business For Artist Coming Up [VIDEO]

Here is a few valuable tip and pointers from an reputable source in the rap / music industry Lenny S 

Senior Vice President of Roc Nation.


Do You Need A Business Plan?

A Necessary Business Plan (For Your Career)

A business plan is a necessary tool for anyone starting a business or anyone planning to make money with their music (selling music, performing, selling merchandise). 793 more words

How To



A copyright is the proof of ownership that a songwriter, beat maker, or writer secures through the US Government as proof that they wrote and own a song or a portion of a song. 934 more words

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Internet and the Corporate Music Scene


                Depending who you talk to, the internet can be the best or the worst thing that has happened to the music industry. There are upsides and downsides across all scenes, both corporate and independent. 504 more words

List Of Record Labels

This is a list of A&Rs at Urban Record Labels–this list is for Rappers, Singers, and R&B Singers looking to sign a record deal with a record label.   189 more words