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Atlanta Rapper Skinny-C on Record Labels: "Your following is what matters, talent is a non factor."

Atlanta rapper Skinny-C presents “Polo”, the BeatGodz-produced single from Never Hungry Always Thirsty Vol. 1, his forthcoming full-length featuring production by Rollee, BeatGodz, Ace King, godBLESSbeatz and guest appearances by Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Alan Z, Ms Green, and Slim Dub. 1,010 more words

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The shocking contradictions in the music industry

For survival, it seems that more and more up-and-coming artists have to prove to labels that they will sell lots of records. And one way of doing this is through YouTube views, Soundcloud plays and social media likes. 346 more words


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Where to find music in 2016; or, how to render your new blog obsolete in one simple post.

This blog has a raison d’être: to trawl the internet for the new music which stands out amongst the vast quantity of nothing.

This blog thinks of the internet as follows: imagine a mine, somewhere in the mid 19th-century midwest. 1,605 more words


Pandora is gearing up for an all-out music streaming war

Music may be a precarious business, but music streaming has proven to be a shakier one yet. For streaming services right now, futures are murky, listener competition is  424 more words

Why is the CEO of Pandora Arguing Against Free Music?

Music industry executives—especially those from record labels—frequently complain about the rise of free streaming-music services and how they’re responsible for killing their businesses. But it’s odd to see the CEO of a music service argue that the model his company was built on has not only stopped being good, but is now actively bad. 737 more words