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The new wow in DJ experiments

From trance music making a comeback in Electronic Dance Music (EDM) to established DJs reinventing style by experimenting with new genres and sounds, to upcoming artistes — the DJ world is buzzing and expanding like never before. 514 more words


Amazing vintage guitar amps you can buy for under £350.

Really great guitar tone doesn’t need to cost thousands of pounds. For the genres of music I tend to work in (punk / emo / indie) where the guitar tones range from sparkling cleans to looser mid-higher gain distortion, there are a ton of 1970s built guitar amps that are comparatively very affordable, sound incredible and aremost often my first choice over more modern or more expensive amps. 388 more words


Lil Jon Quotes

Lil Jon, real name Jonathan Smith, is known for performing a style of hip-hop called “crunk.” 497 more words


A Big Moment

It’s Friday night and Gloria doesn’t have her hair together yet. She just got it done yesterday. It swirls all the way around in place. All she has to do at night, is wrap a silk scarf around and it will stay in place. 208 more words

Berry Gordy Quotes

Berry Gordy, Jr. is a record producer and songwriter who founded Motown Records, the company that changed the face of American popular music. 410 more words