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Washed up

Today’s guest picture was taken by my flute pupil’s mother Sharon, who encountered a special treat on her way to work this morning.

It was that sort of day today but only from time to time.  761 more words


Concerted action

Today’s guest picture was taken on a sunny evening in Spain by my neighbour Liz, who was on holiday there last month.

We were back to the fine warm weather here again today and I managed to get out on my fairly speedy bike before it got too hot.  666 more words


On the mend

Today’s guest picture comes from my recorder playing friend Susan.  Last week she was in Edinburgh with some of her siblings and took some time out to walk the mile over the Forth Road Bridge to get a good position to photograph the building of the new bridge beside the old one. 260 more words


Down memory lane

Today’s guest picture comes from Tom, my South African correspondent.  The picture shows a view of the mountains seen from Worcester in the Western Cape area and was taken on his phone. 598 more words


Staying in

Today’s guest picture is another from my sister Mary’s recent visit to the very colourful Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park.

I have been having a little trouble with my back for the past few days and so I was happy to let Mrs Tootlepedal go off to Edinburgh to commune with the WGSP by herself and to use the strong winds as an excuse for doing nothing much all day. 524 more words


It's an ill wind.

Today’s guest picture shows Scott ready to ride at St Bees yesterday.  It was taken by Dropscone.  You can tell it was before the ride as he is still smiling. 565 more words


All lit up

Today’s guest picture comes from Venetia.  She saw this old wireless transmitting station and was amazed to find that it is on sale as a dwelling. 890 more words