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April showers

Today’s guest picture is another interesting thing encountered on her walk with her family through Plessey Woods by my Newcastle correspondent, Fiona.

There was a moment of glorious sunshine today but unfortunately for a late riser like myself, it was before breakfast and by the time that I was ready for the world it had turned grey.  483 more words


Flipped learning

Above are some of the comments my recorder group has made about pictures I’ve presented them. Their perceptions and perspectives are very different to my own and listening to them helps me make decisions (which I don’t always get right) on how I can maximise their engagement and self-organised learning with very little (uninterrupted) face-to-face time. 79 more words

A persecuted minority

The pleasure in being a recorder player and a teacher of recorder is only fully known by recorder players. There’s a secret pleasure (with an unfortunate hint of moral superiority) in knowing just how ignorant and wrong the widespread derogatory comments about recorders are. 335 more words

Total tootle

After two recent guest pictures of the top of Blencathra swathed in cloud, I thought it only fair to show the summit from below.  My brother took this one on his way up. 684 more words


I've seen better days

Today’s guest picture was taken in sunny Scarborough over Easter by my brother and makes a pleasant contrast to our own weather here today.

The first of April signals the start of the six brighter months of the year between the vernal and the autumn equinoxes but but if today is a sign of the times to come, we are in for another rotten summer.  643 more words


Rather a dull day

Today’s guest picture comes from my neighbiur Gavin’s trip to the US.  He visited Utah and saw these cranes.  He couldn’t get them to fly though. 464 more words


The joy of six

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Mary Jo from Manitoba.  She was paying a visit to Vancouver when she saw this unusual example of the art of gardening. 545 more words