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I gave up my strike as it wasn’t haven’t any effect so here is a guest picture from my brother.  It shows a mediaeval bridge over the Rive Soare. 549 more words


Puffed out

Today’s guest picture shows a squad of herons practising counter marching yesterday in a London park for the entertainment of my sister Mary.

I had a bit of a mistimed day today as I was busy inside in the morning when the weather was dry and by the time that I was ready for the great outdoors, the rain started…and kept going.  372 more words


We weren't expecting that

Today’s guest picture shows the station in Leicester used by my brother a few days ago.  He noticed that they had  a separate entrance and exit in years gone by in case passengers should be confused about what they were doing. 626 more words


No deliverance

Today’s guest picture shows a row of gulls wondering whether it really is warm enough to swim in December.  My sister Mary saw them on a sunny evening in Regent’s Park. 285 more words


Dark exercise

Today’s guest picture is second colourful visitor to my daughter’s garden in London.

We were a bit short of colour here as it was another grey day today but the morning was brightened by the arrival not only of some treacle scones and the treacle scone bearer but by Sandy as well. 459 more words


Art Gallery Curator

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Dropscone.  He was on the hill at other side of the town a couple of days ago  He had gone to inspect the state of the golf course and looked back at the town below. 815 more words


Late night posting

Today’s guest picture was taken by Santa Claus.  She is visiting us at the moment and brought our Christmas presents up with her.  She was so anxious to see our faces when we opened them, that we were given special dispensation to tear off the paper 25 days early.  483 more words