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This Classic Romance

The anatomy of a glance, our lives played out in a flash

Accuracy is merely by chance, if it’s good it’s gone too fast

In a glance I forgive your flaws… 179 more words

Piano Rock

I feel like there's so much I need to do, and I want it done yesterday

So, I’ve put off obsessively listening to my new music so that I can give my final listen with a fresh ear.  I’m terribly close to finishing my Hammer & Strings EP and that fuels me with a mixture of fear and excitement.  206 more words

Recording '11

Music Video (contest?)

So I’ve had a couple meetings with a good friend of mine, and a fine director of the cinematic arts, Chase Friedman.  We got together at a local coffee shop and cafe, … 518 more words

Piano Rock

Final mixes in the mix!

Sorry I’ve been away from this for a bit.  I’ve been so busy with all the aspects of my career and making this new EP release as… 545 more words

Piano Rock

Fever, no cowbell please

I only get sick like one and half times a year.  The “half” comes into play because i’ll have small sniffles that come and go.  My swift recovery I chalk up to leading a pretty healthy lifestyle.  384 more words

Piano Rock

I'm a child in a new playground

Recording is a super interesting process.  There are so many factors that act on the eventual product that makes it onto the radio…or in my case, onto an… 576 more words

Recording '11