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This is how you record in your pajamas. You turn your whole apartment into a recording studio.



Thought I would blog about drum and cymbal setup. There seems to be a lot of questions about where things should be. My best answer is, wherever you feel most comfortable. 298 more words


This is such an important topic to address. We as drummers have a hard enough time staying within the sound barrier let alone being dynamic. Dynamics will improve your technique on so many levels. 287 more words


I know the first thing you’re thinking as a drummer is “what teamwork, they need to follow me.” I used to be arrogant and think if they couldn’t follow what I’m doing then they shouldn’t play. 374 more words

Better Musicians

Have you ever thought to yourself “those musicians are better than I am” and not played because of it? I’m here to challenge you to find musicians and drummers that are betterĀ  than you. 301 more words

We're Back On The Air

It’s been a long time since our last post. It may seem like we released our new CD, “Destination Unknown,” and then we disappeared. That’s not completely true. 153 more words