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Holding a mobile phone up to an amp.


Boom! A Studio Update On The Second Sylvium Album

It all started with a joke…

After Antal recorded the piano parts for the demo of ‘Breaking’ (working title) that would be the sixth track on ‘Waiting For The Noise’, someone made the comment about constantly hearing a saxophone solo in his head at the end of the song. 694 more words

Waiting For The Noise

Crash! A Studio Update On The Second Sylvium Album

And now we come to the bottom end of the album; the bass guitars! They’ve always been quite an important feature in Sylvium, not just because its all done on a Rickenbacker bass guitar ( which has a phenomenal sound!), but because Gijs is playing them. 323 more words

Waiting For The Noise

Week 2

Do you ever get to the end of the week and feel like last week was ages ago but at the same time feel like the time past really quickly? 770 more words


Beach Baby...

We had a pretty good time in the studio yesterday. Having access to a studio (ok, I call it a studio, but it’s really a makeshift one in the dining room) is that we can really do anything we want. 299 more words

Bon Iver

New Release: The New Limits' "Pressure Up"

I am excited to announce that after almost a year of hard work, my band Boston ska band The New Limits has released our debut four-song EP entitled “Pressure Up.” The bulk of the credit goes to our keyboard player and engineer Matt MacLeod. 290 more words


Audiophile Recordings

Before discussing audiophile recordings, it is useful to understand the history of orchestral recording. Whilst there is much debate about the first recordings, there is no doubt that early last century there were two leading figures in early orchestral recording. 307 more words