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Down Greenwich Reach

I have taken the unusual step of publishing an unfinished EP on my personal Bandcamp site.
Since it is set to Name Your Price to download you can pay what ever you’re able including zero for the EP as it stands with only two tracks on it and then download it again for free when I add more tracks to it. 50 more words


Universal EP

Energostatic Records released my, “Universal”, EP yesterday.

It’s Creative Commons licensed and Name Your Price, including free so why not head over to Energostatic Records, take a listen and download it if you like it.


For Slapton Woods - Peter Meets Lucy

I have written about Lucy Stevens before ( gig envy! ) and have followed her work since I first found out about it. Despite living near-ish to one another we had never met. 165 more words


Overheads and room mics mixing and recording thoughts

As I’m mixing things that I (and others) recorded I notice that sometimes the room mics and overheads are unbalanced.

For instance, with overheads, the snare can be a little off-center, and sometimes even the kick is leaning to one side more than the other. 298 more words


Have never really got on with this recorder – the gain seems to have a mind of its own and plops on as much hiss as it sees fit. 19 more words


Zombies Have Rights Too


We finally finished our ridiculous ode to zombies a la The Walking Dead – ZOMBIES HAVE RIGHTS TOO and posted the ditty to Soundcloud just in time for Halloween. 40 more words