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The ones that got away... #1 Record a CD of flute music

If you read my reflective post of 1st January 2017, you would have read that there were some challenges which I had intended to do in 2016 which, for various reasons, just didn’t happen. 323 more words

Bonus Room to Project Studio! Nick Lane Mastering

Nick Lane, an independent audio engineer whose credits include Rascal Flatts and Reba McEntire, contacted Acoustics First® seeking help with his project studio. This process would convert the bonus room in his house (a second floor space above his garage) into a Project Studio. 76 more words


Crushed To Hell: My Thoughts About Mastering

For the second time in my life I have realised that reaching out to a mastering studio to put the “finishing touches” on my music is completely pointless. 2,012 more words

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Building a proper control room – construction of early reflection absorbers

Hi there!

In our control room series we now start to battle the early reflections.
This is done by the use of early reflection absorbers that need to be able to absorb frequencies as broad as possible. 560 more words


Interview With DIY Music

Our next DIY Muso Spotlight is pointed at Jake Duffie from The Underground Alliance. They are a house full of Heavy Metal loving musicians based out of Woodstock, NB, Canada. 131 more words


Building a proper control room - recovery of mid and high frequency response by the use of wooden boards

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It’s time for the fifth article in the control room series.
This time we’re gonna talk about how to recover mid and high frequencies without affecting the bass frequency absorption too much. 522 more words


5 Criteria for Picking the Right Studio

Just about every musician reaches a stage in their career where they need to record all (or at least part) of their tracks in a professional studio.  461 more words

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