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I Can Only Blame Myself

Today I decided I would take on another course – this time it’d be Marine Zoology and, to tell the truth, I feel some guilt about the decision because I still don’t know what career I wish to pursue. 785 more words


The Last Five Years

I recently went on three dates with another guy from Bumble. We will call him Number Four because he’s the forth guy I’ve dated since the divorce, not because he is the forth liar. 524 more words


Week 44



My breathing space was limited with the back of my palm on my forehead. I let out an audible groan as I was facing down towards the floor but just a few inches off.

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My Career

Nitro and me

nitro and me started learning a new route this week. we are learning how to go from the centre where the independent living skills course is held, to the gym and to starbux, so its kinda two routes really, but we are doing the routes very slowly over a few weeks. 137 more words



No desire to drink, use or change the way I feel since 5/18/16 by the grace of a Powerful God that knows better than me ALL THE TIME… 380 more words


Motherhood and mental health: a volatile cocktail 

During my first few weeks of motherhood I clearly remember sitting there on the edge of my bed crying. Crying because I felt my daughter deserved someone better, someone who would love and care for her better than I could. 448 more words

Mental Health


We all have our bad days and today was one of mine. My depression really took me over today and left me this evening with a ravenous hunger that no quantity of food could satisfy. 189 more words