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I am self conscious about the way my thighs touch and jiggle when I walk. I am self conscious about the fact that my biceps are not… 939 more words

Mental Health

A Weekend "Alone"

I’m never alone. I’m a mom of three with what could be considered a small zoo inhabiting our residence. But when my other half goes away, I consider myself “alone.” 320 more words


Tricks For Feeling Better When You're Recovering From Illness

I’ve been away from the blog for a few months, largely just because life took over! It’s been a busy few months juggling university and family life and I’m afraid the blog was the thing which had to give! 467 more words

That Bullshit Miracle of Recovery

Everyone talks about all the miracles that happen once you’re in recovery. They talk about the first year clean as though it was an amazing experience. 115 more words

On the one year anniversary of March 24-29 Naskan Uxwal walk, we revisit Tat7ush Peters' article

We have been re-sharing some of Tat7ush Peters’ Question columns at the Wellness Almanac, with her permission. Last year, she explained the Naskan Uxwal walk, and to acknowledge the one year anniversary of that event, we repost that story today. 728 more words


Umbrellas on a sunny day...

It’s raining and now it pours! The old man snores and its such a bore and a chore! How do I get it back? You know, how it was before??? 69 more words


From the Pen of a Recovering Perfectionist...

“Take imperfect action,” they said. “The first step is the hardest,” they said.

As a self-aware perfectionist in recovery, I can come back with a myriad of rebuttals, reasons that paralyze me from taking that terrifying first step. 540 more words