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Wear the Dress & Pull Up Your Pants

Being persecuted for something you did not do is hell, but then being guilty of being dumb is just as damaging to self anyway. Why fight the smear campaign? 754 more words


MCM 2018/T-Minus 5: Steps

Last week started out good with a nice 8 mile run and ended with a sore right thigh that derailed my tapering for the Marine Corps Marathon. 491 more words


Tired As Hell

Good Evening, World!!! I am still tired as hell from last night with no sleep.I did get a two hour nap in when I came home from day treatment. 507 more words

Virgin Birth?

So when I say I am a bible believer one of the most things I hear often is, So you believe in the virgin birth? and Honestly I confess for one time if I had any doubts about the bible this would of been about the only one. 325 more words


Just Keep on Going

The only guarantee we have in life is death. No one is promised love, equality, rights, or warmth. It is almost a sick game of luck we played before this life. 407 more words


Where I'm at now, October of 2018

Today was a day of self discovery in therapy. Sitting in that little office, looking at the rearrangement of the furniture and placement of different things, I found myself once again opening up to a woman who, on the outside world, would most likely remain a complete stranger. 2,040 more words

Now is the Gift

Now is a gift.

This moment is created and brought into existence just for us. It is not an accident or a random occurance. We arrive here as a direct result of our experience and action. 117 more words