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So let me begin by saying that I have been experiencing an almost extreme opposite of writer’s block lately. Ever since I can remember words would string themselves together in my mind, in my sleep, in the shower, while driving, it didn’t matter, when my mind wants to write, it does. 744 more words

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Wake Up Call.

Just received a message from a friend. This friend was the very important friend who managed to convince me to attend AA and stop drinking. I’m 20 days sober. 258 more words


Tiny steps

I was forced, today,

To look through old photos

And I saw you there.

I saw the pain in your eyes,

I saw the cuts on your skin… 55 more words


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Cutting Toxic People Off

I am a firm believer that most relationships can, and should be repaired. It’s just easier to be on good or at least neutral terms with the people around you. 600 more words


Day Two of My Much Better Back; Stupid Lumbar Support Car Seats...

My Thursday evenings have been thoroughly packed for years to the point I can only afford a short ride after work.  After having found my lumbar support digging into my back for better than a couple of months, with a four-hour-a-day commute, and correcting the issue, I feel so much better it’s hard to put into words.  293 more words