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Something my therapist said...

so today eileen was telling me how when she was doing her masters she did some research into the medical model versus the recovery model. 60 more words


WATCH: Touching Recovery Story of Injured Ski Jumper

“Weitergehen” follows Austrian ski jumper Gregor Schlierenzauer for more than a year. The touching documentary shows him exploring an existential crisis as he delves into his thoughts and feelings about his life, motivations and inspirations.” 86 more words


A Story Wherein Our Hero Finds Himself at Urgent Care on a Sunday Night

I’m sitting in the local urgent care center with a washcloth wadded up and held in place by a pair of boxer briefs. This is meant to stop the flow of blood that would otherwise have stained my jeans on the way here. 906 more words


"Losing Our Chains" This Sunday at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company

Look momma, I made it! I’m on a poster with Felonious Munk!

A select squad from Spit Dat DC will share art and process as we break our chains in the spirit of Felonious’ “Nothing To Lose”. 38 more words


We don't know

The post below is so deeply personal and a complete change of voice and style that it needs its own forward.

I am on a journey, as we all are. 1,135 more words



College days and predefined norms

collage of days with storms

the bull with one horn

tattooed in all of your misgivings

and scorn

born with a thorn in the side… 171 more words


The Four R's of Family Healing - Resolve by Johnathan Taylor

As we break down the parable of the prodigal son, we will look at it from the perspective of a hurting parent. The father in the story faced some of the most difficult decisions a parent or loved one can make. 694 more words