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Four Years Sober--Sage

The pain was too much to bear.

The anxiety was paralyzing.

The feeling of being lost and alone overwhelmed me.

So I drank.

I drank just like every other 20-something who partied on weekends. 765 more words

Experience Strength And Hope

Fake it till you make it

Anxiety is a pain in the a**. On the other hand I have better focus on TV shows in English with subtitles and that is a victory. 17 more words

I wanna dance like Tom Cruise

So since my last post I’ve successfully not watched any porn. I had this moment today where ‘inside me’ wanted to do the whole Tom-Cruise-jumping-up-and-down-on-Oprah’s-couch but I have to resist. 233 more words


Well, that was quick.

The inherently vile part of addiction is that the addict is convinced they don’t actually have a problem with substance use… 374 more words


Full Recovery is Official!

As of tonight, I have returned to full strength following my knee injury last November. If you recall, I mentioned earlier that it never healed properly, and that I had been working towards a full recovery last month. 159 more words


People can be so unfair

Has someone ever said anything to you which really wasn’t fair? Maybe they said something meaning to be nice but it just wasn’t. I’ve had lots of these moments in my life and most recently these seem to be increasing in frequency. 224 more words