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The Definition of Hospitality

“Yes.” That was Kevin Mitchell’s answer when he was approached by food historian Dr. David Shields to take on the part of 19th century African-American chef Nat Fuller and reenact an 1865 iconic biracial banquet that took place in Charleston, South Carolina. 1,656 more words

American Culinary Federation

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Sean Brock (left) and Kevin Mitchell (right) Food history is hands down my favorite subject. It's amazing how a meal can shape a culture, and that's what we're faced with when the people of Charleston sit down for the recreated Fuller Dinner. The delicious and historical dishes against the rich and conflicted backdrop absolutely make this event worth writing about, definitely beyond the dime-a-dozen new restaurant openings in NYC. I wish I could find something as cool as things happening near me, but I think I might have to drive down to Philadelphia to get anywhere close.

A Week of Dates in One Day

Last Friday, before the hubby left for a week of training in Florida (which is so backwards because when we first started dating, he was in Washington and I was in Tampa), we decided to cram a whole week’s worth of dates in one day. 621 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge - Happy Place


Krista asks us to visit our happy place in the photo challenge this week. Where do you go to get away from the pressures of daily life. 364 more words


Community Update – The rest of the Mead Pool story

Community Update – The rest of the Mead Pool story

During my 2014 State of the City Address, I discussed our community’s need to explore sustainable approaches to upgrading our local aquatics offerings. 422 more words

Community Updates

The Intro

I’m notoriously bad at remembering to write things down and updating things (cue 6 months worth of photos for the scrapbook still sitting on my nightstand). 177 more words


Leavenworth Half Marathon 2015

Standing stock still at mile five, I knew I was in trouble. I’d already given up on the sub-8:00 min/mile pace I’d been training for the past few months. 1,099 more words


Progress climbs on new mountain bike trail

DNR recently opened the new Predator Trail on East Tiger Mountain, and we’re not stopping there.

Two of DNR’s professional trail builders, Tyler Salvage and Kevin Schmuck, have been leading trail construction on a new climbing trail in… 185 more words