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A determination to rediscover the joys of winter in Minnesota

BACK IN MY LIFE-ON-THE-FARM days, I loved winter. Every bucket of snow pushed from the farmyard with the loader of the John Deere tractor created a mountain. 211 more words


By Carol Sinclair.

As most American and Canadian citizens are aware, a Bank Trust ( fideicomiso) is  still required  for non Mexican citizens to acquire property in certain parts of Mexico . 229 more words


One of Calvin's fav sayings...

One of Calvin’s fav sayings to me is “arh to have first world problems”.  I hate this saying, and even more so when Calvin says it to me – generally around other people!   293 more words


How Fast Are Emergency Locksmith Services? | CumberlandCountyArc.org

Are you waiting on a locksmith? Here’s how long it could take.
from Cumberland County Arts & Recreational Community http://ift.tt/2fiWoK8


Dubai Canal Boardwalk - Echoes of my Neighbourhood

This city is constantly changing its aesthetics, adding new attractions and relaxation points each day. The new Dubai canal boardwalk offers a beautiful waterside walkway that runs about 3.2 km each way. 149 more words


Onboard entertainment

The ships I work on are expedition cruise ships. This means they are different from the big cruise ships. Where most of the entertainment on those cruises can be found onboard with  several restaurants, bars, cinemas, swimming pools, beauty salons and so on, in our ships we have to find the entertainment outside. 154 more words


Life in downtown San Diego is dynamic!

I can’t argue with the new mural at Sixth Avenue and Ash Street. It was painted a month or two ago and states: Be dynamic. Be downtown. 220 more words