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Why I Hate Gyms Reason #232

I hate gyms. There are a number of reasons for my hatred of these stinky, air conditioned, sweaty death traps. Sure a lot of positive life-changing things can happen from regularly attending a gym, but alas there has to be a price to be paid. 362 more words

The Recreational Church

(Published in Touchstone Magazine, May 2006)  

Though not an extreme environmentalist, I do sometimes find myself contemplating the number of trees that are destroyed in order to fill my mailbox with so much unsolicited paper. 1,462 more words


The Lexus SLIDE Hoverboard

Luxury car company Lexus has just released this new video for SLIDE, a Hoverboard they have developed that uses magnetic levitation and nitrogen-cooled superconductors to float above the ground. 107 more words


Free Baseball Betting Predictions, and Odds For Today: Cleveland Indians at Los Angeles Angels.

Written and authored by Major League Baseball Expert Analyst Bobby Wallace. Charliessports.com produces it for Baseball news and notes. The teams will play on Wednesday, August 5th, 2015. 616 more words


Day 9,199

As I was done with my job, and in the area for a bit longer, I decided that it would be a good idea to explore around a bit.  105 more words

Green Fire

Free College Football Betting Predictions and Odds: 2015 Atlantic Coast Conference Football Picks.

Written and authored by NCAA Football Expert Analyst Bobby Wallace. Charliessports.com produces it for NCAA Football news and notes.Florida State has been the elite team in the ACC over the past two seasons. 636 more words