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"The Outer Limits"

“The Outer Limits”
(Where I do an audio-recreation of a lost episode of Blasphuphmus Radio from August 1st, 2007.  This is also a retorcast of the recreation, originally on KPSU 10 October 2009.) 500 more words

Halloween Spook-tacular!

KeiBAckPacker TRavel 3.0 - Wild Wild West

Good food, cottage area near a pond, biking, horseback riding, water biking, what more can you ask for? If you want to chill and relax then this is the place you should have to go. 400 more words


Josephus of Sinkhole

Josephus of  Sinkhole (KWVA Episode 002)
(Originally broadcast on 22 April 1998 on KWVA.)

Playlist & Footnotes: http://anywhereanywhen.com/1998/04/22/josephus-of-sinkhole

My first show with a guest!  Josephus of Sinkhole made a few appearances on the Eugene incarnation of this show, and would later appear on… 376 more words


Zookeepers Are Recreating The Jurassic World Raptor Scene

I love things like this! I missed all this on Twitter but apparently zookeepers have been recreating Chris Pratt’s “raptor taming” pose from Jurassic World… 40 more words



Swimming is the best all around exercise. It is good for your cardiovascular system and joints. One of the cheapest activity that an individual can do. 47 more words


Is Sun Tanning Healthy?

Is sun tanning a good or bad recreational activity? In moderation, the sun activates the vitamin D in our body, but excessive exposure to ultra violet rays has a negative effects, including sunburn, and increased risk of skin cancer, it depresses the immune system, and accelerate aging. 33 more words


Sculpture Recreations and Edits

Since I am hoping to cast myself inspired by classical sculpture, I recreated famous sculptures to influence the final outcome. I plan to blow up a few of the images as it will be a continuous transition from the small compact images in the sketchbooks to the life size body cast. 195 more words