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Southend Who Presents: Sam Duckworth's Bohemian Soul Orchestra, featuring Lydia Kitto, Eat The Evidence & Pocket Dragon. WHAT A PARTY!

Well we just had to get involved with this.

Sam Duckworth has recently completed a Recreations tour with his faithful 11 piece band The Magnetic South. 239 more words

Southend Who

Recreations - London Brixton Jamm 27/01/17 - By Graham Farquharson

Recreations. Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager. Friday Night in London. All the ingredients were in place for a great gig, so did it meet expectations? 443 more words

Southend Who

Oh Hey, These Were Made In Minecraft

(Source: kotaku.com)


Reminder: Minecraft isn’t just for digging and building stuff. It’s also a platform for people who just want to make art. 69 more words


all lined up and waiting...

the memories of the past Summer/Fall are fading. The warmth of the day a distant memory. Soon the senses will stir as Spring/Summer arrives. In the meantime, time to tie, sort, rearrange, envision. 8 more words


Hello World!

Good morning! I’m starting this blog to keep a record of what I learn about the R language. While I’ve been using R for about fifteen years now, I’m far from being an expert. 447 more words

Birthday recreations

This week has been so busy for me, I have had so much to do at work that I have barely had time to paint my nails let alone blog. 129 more words


Recreations: Baby Boomers 2

We listened to this half a dozen times before reading the Press notes. The singer has got a bit of the “awight squire” Essex voice you expect to deliver jokey lyrics but doesn’t (in other places he sounds a bit Albarn so banish thoughts of Chas ‘n’ Davian antics). 277 more words

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