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4 Truths About Working With Recruiters (That They'll Never Tell You)

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I’ve spent most of my career as a recruiter in Boston and New York. I’ve been able to help a lot of job seekers, and one the reasons I love what I do is that I get to share good news. 931 more words

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Is Training & Development Same?

In order to ensure its competitive position in the market, a company must carry out training and developmental programs for their employees. Training and development is a very important part of an organization and has a vital role in human resource management. 286 more words

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What is Performance Appraisal System and its Importance?

Performance Appraisal is a system followed by almost every organization. Performance appraisal system is basically designed and structured to analyze and evaluate the performance of an employee throughout the year and to determine the potential for improvement and development. 174 more words

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Compensation and Benefits

Compensation is the benefit or reward given to an employee or worker of a company. It is actually a monetary benefit which is given to the worker in response of his services or labor to the company. 259 more words

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How necessary an experience or relieving letter should be for securing a new job?

The intent of issuing the experience or reliving letter is almost the same. A reliving letter is issued to the employee when he is leaving the organization. 215 more words

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Company seeking an oral translator

I have recently come across many interesting job postings titled “bilingual translator,” “oral translator with experience,” and “Spanish translator (written),” among others. My reaction when I say the first one was to put humor into it and laugh, but then I kept seeing more similar posts and I realized there is a serious lack of understanding on how this translator-interpreter-language professional field works. 305 more words


Q: A third party recruiter reached out with an opportunity. How does it benefit me to work with them and how do they get paid? 585 more words

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