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What Do You Take to an Interview?

Never ever, ever, ever, ever, go to an interview empty handed! The worst thing an applicant can do is show up for an interview unprepared. In my experience as a Recruiter/Hiring Manager, when a interviewee shows up to an interview with a pen and pad it showcases that they mean business and that they are interested in the position. 123 more words

Seal the Deal

Its not over till its over.

In the last several months I’ve turned down three job offers. What? Turned down?

Yes, in the employee’s economy – and make no mistake the pendulum has finally swung back as it inevitably does and we are now in an employee’s market – we have more choice, option and the ability to say no when there isn’t a good fit. 511 more words


Are we becoming a bunch of recruitment robots?

2015. Recruitment tools – we have plenty. Too many? Maybe.

There was a time (before my era, mind) when recruitment was about a few simple things… people, getting to know these people, building a network and connecting this network with opportunities at your company (clients if on the agency side). 591 more words


9 Considerations for Busy Professionals

1) SCALABLE. Busy Professionals can hire an VEA from as little as 4 hours per week to 40+ hours per week. Hours selected are chosen in 4-hour increments. 428 more words

Professional Employment Trends

10 ways you can use a virtual assistant to improve your business

Using a virtual assistant can shave hours from your workweek, but knowing which tasks to delegate can be tricky, whether you’re starting or growing a business. 788 more words

Professional Employment Trends

Resume Builders and Profile Enhancers

Prepare your presentation for a new professional environment

In today’s high tech, remote and virtual environment, there is no limit or reason not to continue your education and build online profiles of your skill set while improving your personal skills. 377 more words

Professional Employment Trends

Environment of Success

We believe an effective work environment begins with a healthy atmosphere when everyone feels as though they are an important piece to the puzzle, as a part of a team working towards the same goal. 297 more words

Professional Employment Trends