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The PROCESS--Prepping for the Review Board Part 1

Once I got past the huge hurdle of being physically cleared, I could concentrate on what I needed to do to be ready for the review board. 1,959 more words

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Hire Me Please! A Guide to Career Showcases

As I finish the first half of my college career, I am feeling the pressure of my future career. And man, am I scared. It honestly feels like it came out of no where. 426 more words


The Process--Getting Cleared, Remedials--It's NUTS.

This ladies and gentlemen if you are reading, is what my life revolved around for weeks, and was the “make it or break it” point of my journey. 3,739 more words

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A Weekend Without My Phone

My team and I have been toying around with the idea of busting the “millennials are overly dependent on their phone” myth. Personally, I think our entire society is too attached to their phones, but let’s just blame the millennials, since, ya know, we are the ones who created smartphones in the first place … ;) 1,058 more words


The PROCESS--Getting Cleared, the Initial Exams

So we are at step 2! Getting physically cleared.. *SIGH* Hang in there folks, this will be a long one.

Like my other posts, I will be explaining things I have gone through, but will also be giving tips to anyone reading this who is thinking about or is currently going through the same process. 2,793 more words

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Background--How to Join

Welcome! In this section I will be talking about mostly how to join the military, specifically as an officer. I will include BASIC info for the different paths to go on to become an officer, but will go into a little detail on the path I went to become an officer. 1,190 more words

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Inspirasyon at Distraksyon

I’ve never been so messed up lately. Well, I’ve been a mess since I remembered. But the thing with editing a book, writing a new one, starting a new day job, working on the social media and marketing platform of the existing book, looking for a book cover designer, looking for a proofreader and then a formatter, and being a family woman – could be quite a chunk of a load that I wonder at times why I subject myself into. 535 more words

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