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Day 38 - Game Design Recruiters

Game Design Recruiters

A good recruiter for the game design industry is hard to find. It’s a mix of being well connected and knowledgeable about the industry that’s hard to find. 786 more words


Bag yourself some free PR

Some of the biggest brands in the world would be nothing without PR. Public Relations is relied on to ensure a brands image and their messages reach audiences and drive sales. 230 more words

Staffing and Recruitment Services Agency

We help people with their local job search and provides workforce solutions to businesses. Get in touch with one of our recruiting professionals to help you find the right job. 7 more words

Hiring Agency

5 Horrific (Yet True) Cover Letter Mistakes, as Told by Recruiters

(Source: www.inc.com)

A hot topic of discussion these days in my industry is whether job seekers should bother writing cover letters. Some recruiters say they no longer read them… 577 more words

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YouTube Shows How Not to Do Diversity

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You want a diverse workforce, but discriminating against any single group is still illegal. A lawsuit filed by Arne Wilberg, who worked as a recruiter at YouTube for four years (and five years in other positions), claims that YouTube set quotas, and told recruiters to cancel interviews with candidates that didn’t mean the company’s diversity goals. 565 more words

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4 Truths About Working With Recruiters (That They'll Never Tell You)

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I’ve spent most of my career as a recruiter in Boston and New York. I’ve been able to help a lot of job seekers, and one the reasons I love what I do is that I get to share good news. 931 more words

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