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The effect of Machine Bureaucracy on HR strategy and Its Practices

Part 3:

Machine Bureaucracy can be expressed as a large hierarchical, elaborated, rigid structure, which is highly centralized, rule bound and is operated in a simple, stable and predictable environmental contingency. 427 more words


The effect of Simple Organizational Structure on HR strategy and Its Practices

Part 2:

The Simple Structure is the simplest form of structural configuration with small managerial hierarchy and low degree of departmentalization. Key part of this structure is strategic apex with operating core at the base and an insignificant middle line, which defines that the flow of authority is top down, the decision making process is centralized and the span of control is wide. 518 more words


Advice to turn a bad interview into a positive experience

In this video Mark gives his 5 pieces of advice after attending a bad interview.

Everyone has attended a bad interview and most people beat themselves up about it. 85 more words

The Assessment Process & The Illusion of Validity

When assessing candidates for their potential to be officers in the Israeli Defence Forces, Daniel Kahneman (2011) coined the phrase ‘the illusion of validity’, which he states was his first cognitive fallacy. 149 more words

Military Performance

Values & Attitudes of Swedish Conscripts

Research Paper Title

A Principal Component Analysis of Swedish Conscripts’ Values and Attitudes towards their Military Education.


By identifying components relevant to conscripts’ success in and positive attitudes towards the military, we may be able to make it a more attractive employment option for current and future age-cohorts, thus solving the recruitment crisis not only in Sweden, but in several other European countries that have recently made the shift from conscription to an all-volunteer force. 202 more words

Military Training

When the New Hire Disappoints

The anticipation related to bringing a new person onboard can, on occasion, give way to frustration once the reality of job demands set in.  As an employer, you did your due diligence and carefully chose someone with the right mix of experience, attitude, and motivation to serve the needs of your company.  701 more words

Talent Strategy

Effective Recruitment & Selection Approach

Effective Recruitment & Selection Approach and how it works?

All organisations whether large or small must perform HR function irrespective of their objectives. This is termed HR management- the effective and efficient utilization of human resources to accomplish the predetermined objectives of a company. 3,473 more words

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