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When the New Hire Disappoints

The anticipation related to bringing a new person onboard can, on occasion, give way to frustration once the reality of job demands set in.  As an employer, you did your due diligence and carefully chose someone with the right mix of experience, attitude, and motivation to serve the needs of your company.  701 more words

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Effective Recruitment & Selection Approach

Effective Recruitment & Selection Approach and how it works?

All organisations whether large or small must perform HR function irrespective of their objectives. This is termed HR management- the effective and efficient utilization of human resources to accomplish the predetermined objectives of a company. 3,473 more words

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Are Your People Practices Evolving with the Times?

The practices you starting using years ago to recruit and retain the right people were based on what you knew about the world back then. Like everything else, people practices change and what was once common practice may now be leaving you behind when it comes to attracting and retaining the best people and creating a high performance workplace. 407 more words

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Crafting a Job Posting That Gets Results

How effective is your recruitment advertising at generating interest from top quality candidates? When it comes to marketing your open positions, the content and tone of your job posting can mean the difference between getting no response at all, to an overwhelming response from poor applicants, to attracting a select few very promising resumes. 920 more words

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Joining the Military & Your Future Job: Assigned or Chosen?

Having browsed a number of military and military-related forums regarding recruitment and selection, I noticed the same (two-part) question popping up:

  1. Do they assign you a role, or do you choose the role yourself?
  2. 949 more words
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British Army Recruitment & Temperamental Unsuitability

Research Paper Title

Issues In Temperamental Unsuitability Re-Examining Concepts And Current Practice In The British Army.


Currently, in the UK military, and particularly in the Army, a significant number of personnel are regularly discharged on the grounds of being assessed as “Temperamentally Unsuitable (TU) for military duties”, under Queen’s Regulations (QRs): (Army) 9.414 and 9.434 (1). 149 more words

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The Best of the Centrepoint of View Blog-2015

  1. From 2015/01/27 – Four People Strategies Proven to Boost Your Company’s Revenue Potential

On having the right people to boost bottom-line performance: Your people really are your greatest asset, and the right people are an investment that can bring significant returns. 695 more words

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