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Six Reasons Your Hiring Process Keeps Stalling

We recently heard from a business owner who is working to grow and diversify her successful enterprise. She shared her recruitment disaster story with us. After some productive business strategy sessions a couple of years back, she and her team decided to bring on a Director of Finance in order to ensure that accurate financial reporting, cost analysis, and budgeting would keep up with business growth. 1,278 more words

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New Webpage: Gurkha Recruitment & Selection Overview

I have just uploaded a new webpage ‘Gurkha Recruitment & Selection Overview‘ within the UK pages of the military training section.

This page contains: 25 more words

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Development of Web-Based Assessment for Tri-Service Selection (from 2001)

Research Paper Title

The Development of Web-Based Assessment for Tri-Service Selection: A Series of Questions?


From work funded by the UKs Ministry of Defence (MOD), Corporate Research Programme, the researchers have reached the stage of examining the Internet as a means of selection for the Armed Forces. 195 more words

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Managing the Reluctant Leader

We are all familiar with the enthusiastic go-getters on our team. Those who are earnestly future-focused, intent on being recognized, rewarded and propelled to new heights through sheer determination and self-confidence. 852 more words

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Time To End Gurkha Recruitment in the British Army?

This is the headline for an article written by Roshan Kissoon on the Dissident Voice website.

I came across this article whilst conducting some research on Gurhka recruitment and selection for a future webpage, and it makes interesting reading (I do understand what the writer is getting at, regardless of whether I agree or disagree with the academic argument put forward). 79 more words

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Pick Potential Over Performance When Selecting Future Leaders

The big dogs of the office command attention – they consistently smash targets, and are the darlings of the executive team. But the stars of the office do not always have the leadership potential to advance the company toward future business goals. 526 more words

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Is Your Leadership Brand Delivering on its Promise?

Many of us are aware of personal branding as a professional development strategy, a concept translated from the world of corporate brands. A personal brand can be defined as one’s unique contribution, reputation, and promise of value. 629 more words

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