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One thing that comes up as we speak to business leaders is the fact that their teams are spending too much time on recruiting. 65% of them are planning to invest in better workforce planning and analytics software to automate the process so that they can make faster, better decisions about the workforce. 72 more words

CV Automaton

Implications of No Automation

Hiring Managers should be wary of the cost of a bad hire as it may impact the other sides of businesses as well. Not only they damage your work culture but put dents on your Employer Brand as well. 141 more words


Re-Launch Your Enterprises

The aim of any Enterprise is to increase profits and profitability with reduced time, that is more fruitful, innovative and delivers high-value products/services for customers and markets around the world. 72 more words


HRM: Recruitment and Placement process

HRM: Recruitment and Selection Process

Recruiting and selecting is one of the major tasks of a HR manager. It starts off with a company’s need for employee and end up in finding quality and skilled personnel. 49 more words


The Research of Design of Human Resource Recruitment System Based on the Total Relationship Flow Management Theorems

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Fangling Hu


School of Management, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China.


With the development of knowledge economy, organizational strategic resource is more than the physical production such as capital, and it also includes the human resources characterized by skills, knowledge and intelligence. 284 more words

Why to use recruitment platform for effectual recruitment?

               The recruitment is an integral process for every business organization. The success of the business is basically depends upon the recruitment. The adequate personnel are able to perform best for the related vacancy. 414 more words

Recruitment System