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Skills Gap of Applicants in US - 42 Percent don't meet skills requirements, but companies are willing to train up

Should professionals mind the skills gap when applying for a position? In new research from global staffing firm Robert Half, HR managers said 42 percent of resumes they receive, on average, are from candidates who don’t meet the job requirements. 409 more words

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Four Things Recruiters Need To Remember While Composing Job Posting Ads

Posting job ads is still one of the most effective ways of attracting potential candidates for a available position within an organization. However, unlike the earlier times, posting of such ads is no longer restricted to newspapers and career magazines. 488 more words

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You will never find a candidate who is a 100% fit!

Does a 100% fit candidate even exist or are we searching for the purple squirrel? Darn, I hate the analogy of the purple squirrel so much! 1,115 more words

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How Can You Bring Diversification In Company Through Campus Recruitment?

With the regional and global demographic change, the organization’s growth also becomes dependent on the diversified work culture. Hiring the candidates who respect the culture within an organization leads to the promotion of a company and ultimately helps in establishing as a brand name. 402 more words


On learning a new dream

I have wanted to be a CEO, a real estate agent, an architect, a Disney princess impersonator, and most recently an editor, a publisher, and a literary agent. 325 more words


Six Tips For Overcoming Job Interview Jitters

It’s ideal before an essential prospective employee meet-up. Abruptly, your heart’s beating, your mouth goes dry, and you start to feel queasy. What’s more, you begin to question that you will most likely answer even one of the enlisting supervisor’s inquiries legitimately. 498 more words

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