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Choosing Hemorrhoidectomy

So been away for a good while after my first post.

I had a hemorrhoidectomy… (a what?!!).

Yeah, for those of you who have had one, I feel your pain and relief. 797 more words

This x-ray shows SHOCKING image of man's rectum falling out of his body after playing mobile phone games on the toilet

(Source: www.asianmoneyguide.com)

A man in Southeast China was reported to be rushed to hospital in the middle of the night when the man’s rectum fell out of his body. 243 more words

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Tooty Tells a Joke

Much in the style of Rough Bandit, here is a one-liner…

My doctor said: “We’ve got to get to the bottom of this.”…

…as she booked me in for a colonoscopy. 7 more words


Man's Rectum Falls Out While Playing Video Games on the Toilet

The Daily Mail reports a Chinese man suffered a case of rectal prolapse while he sat on the toilet for 30 minutes playing video games. 279 more words


Torture: pratiques françaises

Torture : pratiques françaises

Grüß Gott !

Les tortionnaires français, soumettent les prisonniers, à des interrogatoires poussés.

Massacres coloniaux / 1944-1950 / La IVe république et la mise au pas des colonies françaises / François Maspero / Yves Benot / La Découverte / 1995: 1,423 more words

Officers, Those Drugs Up My Rectum Aren't Mine.

“Not my drugs.”

How many times have we seen people argue, when caught with drugs, that the drugs don’t belong to them? I’m sure if arresting police officers had a dollar for every time they’ve heard that, they could probably retire rich. 317 more words

Butt talk

I worked with pets, mostly cats and dogs, for close to four and a half years. We had to do full body checks when they first arrived at the boarding facility, so anuses and (dog) penises became regular sightings for me. 217 more words