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Core Muscles II: Rectus Abdominis

Our series of short articles on the core muscles began with the Transversus Abdominis. In this second article, we consider the Rectus Abdominis, the more well-known of the abdominal muscles and certainly the most visible (see image above of Jessica Ennis-Hill and the video below of Aidan Turner).   844 more words


Six pack has 54M results on Google. Not everybody but a lot of people desires a “six-pack”, others simply need to strength their middle section according to relief or avoid pain or bad postures. 777 more words



Everyone wants a strong core, but what exactly does that mean?

Most people think about the core as the “six-pack muscles” (rectus abdominis) and spend the majority of their workout strengthening these muscles in search of stability. 521 more words

Using Your Abs - All of Them

When I was a child, the big debate about ab training was whether to do sit ups and crunches. The trend was moving towards crunches, because they involve an actual lengthening and shortening of the rectus abdominis, which you probably know best as your 6-pack (or, if you’re genetically gifted, your 8-pack; or, if you’re in your off-season, your keg). 2,517 more words