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Everyone wants a strong core, but what exactly does that mean?

Most people think about the core as the “six-pack muscles” (rectus abdominis) and spend the majority of their workout strengthening these muscles in search of stability. 521 more words

Using Your Abs - All of Them

When I was a child, the big debate about ab training was whether to do sit ups and crunches. The trend was moving towards crunches, because they involve an actual lengthening and shortening of the rectus abdominis, which you probably know best as your 6-pack (or, if you’re genetically gifted, your 8-pack; or, if you’re in your off-season, your keg). 2,517 more words


Muscle of the Month: Amazing Abdominals

Amazing looking, sculpted six-pack abdominals are beautiful.  Some people can attain that look easily but for some of us it’s a real challenge. Besides the issue with my apple-shaped body type, I just don’t have the disciplined dedication to the workout nor the nutrition needed to get that six-pack look. 486 more words

Weekly Blogs

Get lower abs by sitting down!

Abs, abs, abs, that is a goal for almost everyone, right? Well now you can sit down and work on your lower abdominal muscles without doing any crunches! 112 more words


Core Exercises: Part 2

Global Stabilization System

Muscles attach from the pelvis to the spine.

Main responsibility:  Transfer weight between the upper body and lower body

Additional responsibilities:  Stability between the pelvis and spine, increasing stabilization of the core during functional movements… 499 more words

Daily Workout

It's ABSolutely about your diet!

What do all men want, and all women like to see? That’s right… the Abs!

Of all the body parts that have the most attention, especially on TV and in the printed media; has to be the Rectus Abdominis muscle. 275 more words


Dragon Flag Revelation

This is just a quick note for today. Me and Amanda have just completed day 6 of the 12-week plan (which will be posted once I catch up) and came accross an exercise neither of us have tried before – a… 292 more words