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I'm hopeless at being helpless

I am writing this one-handed and I’m wearing pyjamas in the middle of the day.

Eleven days ago I had a shoulder reconstruction and since then I’m sporting bandages on my left shoulder and a sling. 808 more words


Six days shalt thou labour and do all thy work...

Not everyone is of the Christian persuasion, but most people do have some sort of ethic by which they live, whether in a religious, or just plain common sense. 271 more words

Recuperating from the Holidays

The holiday time has concluded, and afterward I collapsed.  As an ordained minister, Christmas is my busiest time of year.  That special Christmas Eve service that makes the holiday serene and peaceful is orchestrated by me.  254 more words


Three Month Aniversary

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall                                                                        Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

As a few of you already know 2015 has been my convalescing year. 256 more words


Dealing with Sickness, but also got my Race Day Shirt. FINALLY

In a runners mind, second worst to being injured is probably getting sick.

This happened to me today. Yesterday I could feel my throat hurting more and more and finally this morning I woke up with a full-fledged sore throat. 461 more words


Use your Chemistry to Gain Weight Healthily

Wanting to gain weight makes you feel like salmon swimming upstream: you also feel as if your environment is working against you and every gain is a battle.   1,095 more words

Thoughts on Recovery: Warning, I'm Whining

Not so long ago, on most “normal” days, all I wanted to do was hang out at home. If I could rest on the couch, watch TV, and play with yarn, it was a really good day. 738 more words