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Selectable Recurring Billing - The Brand New Feature

There is simply no point in staying in one place or being stuck in the same mode for a long time. You want to keep on reinventing yourself, to maintain your position in the market and most importantly to rise above the rest. 187 more words


Essential Recurring Billing

We know that recurring billing is essential for you to make profit, but when the customers use credit cards for payment there could be some problems, so our system helps you make the process hassle free for you, find out how.

Customer Portal

My Account Feature

We have replaced what was known as the ‘Customer Center’ with a newly improved ‘My Account’ feature. We will show you the different ways to access the My Account feature below. 425 more words

Recurring Billing

Does Your Subscription Business Offer Monthly Upsells?

When it comes to growing your business, one of the best ways to do so is to sell to your existing customers. You have already built up a strong trust between you and them to a point that they trust your judgement and know you will provide good service. 596 more words

Recurring Billing

How To Get Clients To Refer New Business

Word of mouth marketing is very powerful. Friends and colleagues of your customers will trust their peers more than they are likely to trust you… 598 more words

Recurring Billing

Should You Offer Discounts For Long Term Agreements?

When it comes to subscription based business models, many question whether or not discounts should be offered to those committing to long term agreements. For some, it makes sense to offer a reward for those willing to agree to a long term contract. 604 more words

Recurring Billing

5 Website Elements That Can Turn Away Prospective Customers

If you want your online business to be a success, whether or not you are using the subscription model, your website must be good. There are several aspects of businesses websites which have a negative impact on their results; here is our run down of them and what to implement instead. 617 more words

Recurring Billing