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Living things and E-things

Life without gadgets is unthinkable, so much so that mobile phones feel like a part of one’s body. One goes in frenzy if the gadget is misplaced, as if some body part was amputated. 179 more words


Art Barbie

Barbie has been the subject of many forms of artwork. So it’s not surprising that she has become a subject of my photography practice. While contemplating what and why I want to improve my photography, art photography is up at the top of the list. 99 more words

In an era of Information and knowledge and lack thereof...

One would think that in an era of technological advancement such as ours, what with the wealth of readily available information such as we have at the tip of our fingertips and what not, that the vast general public would be generally well educated and informed on global topics of sociological importance, such as that of environmental degradation and pollution right? 248 more words


7 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

I recently learned about a book called Tutu Goes Green. I was so inspired by the respect that the book’s main character had for the earth, I decided to dedicate a post to help brides who are wanting to go green for their wedding. 386 more words

Recycle Old Magazines into a Necklace

There is nothing better than an idea that culminates into Fashion. I had been thinking of DIYing a jewelry since long. So finally one fine day, I sat down with my old magazines and online inspiration to create a Tribal Necklace. 171 more words

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