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Free recycling guide for Western Australia

The other day I went to a recycling info presentation. So many people are confused with what they can and can’t recycle so I made a little list/guide that you can stick near/on your recycling bin, or keep on your phone to check! 341 more words

Planet-Friendly Series

Upcycled Gallon Jugs

I use distilled water often and was thinking there had to be something I could make to recycle them or upcycle them. All you need to make these cute storage bins is a large pair of scissors, a screwdriver to pop a hole in for your scissors and stickers or washi tape to decorate/lable your storage bin. 327 more words

Our Creative Souls

How to Alter What Your Brain Remembers?

If you know anything about neuroscience, you will know that how we remember things is by how your neurocircuits fire in your brain. After firing a certain way a number of times, and when consolidated by sleep, that’s when you remember things more effectively. 88 more words

Self Improvement

Get Low

Listening to: A Throwback Jam (About Wearing Throwbacks)

Reading: Work Emails About Changing The World With Someone’s Old Weird Stuff (Using, I Don’t Know, Magic?) 814 more words

General Musings

The treasures we find

Hubby and I are slowly sorting through our stored items. We have years worth stored in the garage and have to get through it before we retire. 948 more words

Retiring Soon

So what's all the hype about CBD?

Everyone is always talking about CBD oil and it’s benefits. You’ll now find it at your local cafe being added to coffees and smoothies; the pharmacy has CBD at the register as edible gummies, oil ,even CBD infused water, smoke shops have it available to be vaped etc.   1,300 more words


My Small Steps <3

Hello to those who have just found my blog and welcome back to those who have been tuning in!

Lets Help Keep Our Planet Looking This Beautiful! 364 more words