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Foam vs paper vs reusable cups

If you’re like me you’re constantly trying to reduce the amount of waste or non-recyclable items you use, and I stumbled into an interesting reddit post about Dunkin Donuts use of foam cups. 277 more words


a hidden gem - 

I have always known this little place exsisted, I had just never actually been there before. (I regret all decisions that lead me to not visit until now) 359 more words


A Belated Earth Day Post

Today for you I present a post dedicated to the earth, mother nature, our planet.

I know how guilty I’m sure all of us are of forgetting to recycle or littering or ubering somewhere when we could walk or bike or take the subway (very guilty of that one). 149 more words


Saving our trees at work

We all might like to think that our world has an unlimited amount of resources. The truth is, our natural environment is depleting at a fast rate at the demand of our ever-growing population. 156 more words


Five tips for reducing your plastic waste

For those of you who don’t know it was Earth day a couple of days ago (on the 22nd of April), so I thought now would be a great time to discuss how I am trying to reduce my one-use plastic waste this year. 374 more words


Mindless consumption creates empty shelves. Empty shelves result “sold-outs”. Sold-out generates curiosity and pre-booking. Pre-booking demands supply. More production creates an illusion of need and necessity. 13 more words


This is the day!

What do you rejoice most about when it comes to your love of Mother Earth?  In Springtime, I’m thankful for the beautiful buds and blooms, the sunshine, birds chirping and blue skies.  184 more words