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Weekend Wanderings: Trying To Be More Eco Friendly

We have all heard how much plastic is out in the world polluting the oceans, killing wildlife and making the world an ugly place. Recycling is a good start to helping reduce waste but I wanted to do something more in my daily life. 277 more words

Weekend Wanderings

Going Strawless And Other Eco Issues

Recently, there’s been a big push in society to not use plastic straws, which I think is a great idea. Even companies are getting on board. 678 more words


Free Advertising= Paper Bags!

All of us have heard about creative advertising. But do we really think about advertising once the product leaves the store? Something to think about.. 152 more words


Method Cleaning Products

I bought a liquid soap in a pretty dispenser a few years as my daughters skin reacts badly to many soaps this product that I bought was soft on her skin and we both loved it, that was our first experience of Method products. 275 more words


DIY: Natural Dyeing w/ Roses

“Low-impact dyes.” I saw it often on organic handmade clothes.The ever-lasting store bought colors I discovered use toxic mordants harmful to the environment and a lot of water. 489 more words


Create your own rejuvenating face, hair, and body coffee scrubs!

Ready to be let in on a lesser-known age and weariness-defying secret? Coffee applied topically works wonders on your skin and hair. Coffee grounds naturally exfoliate the skin / scalp while the caffeine tightens, brightens, and smoothens the skin. 463 more words


Malouf and Maalouf: reading July 2005

Both worth revisiting!

On a bit of a Malouf trip lately…

07 July 2005

Because of Erwin, and Jenny, my new coachee. Rebadging my ex-Salt Mine site also means I can use it shamelessly for my own purposes too, so I have done so… 1,397 more words

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