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Waste not, want not

Recently, through talking to my friend Life by Liza, I have become very aware of the environment and how we can help by making small changes to our every day lives. 687 more words

DIY Make-Up Brush Pot!

Hello Sweethearts,

I got in touch with a few of you over Facebook & Twitter and asked what sort of blogs you would like to see. 479 more words


Steps to Start Living Eco-Friendly - The Time is Now

No matter who you voted for we need to work together. No matter your opinion on global climate change (even though opinions aren’t facts… 1,219 more words

Microecology 101 - Shower Time!

¿Tienes ganas de ayudar al planeta pero no quieres aparecer en una foto abrazando un árbol? Una forma sencilla de hacerlo es ahorrrando agua al momento de bañarte ¿Problemas para adoptar este método? 819 more words


Humans Are Weird

If you’re going to wine, comment or judge other people for something, then you need to practice what you preach. It’s called being a hypocrite. … 128 more words

The Monday Minstrel: Horse Shoe Art

I visited the local feed store one Saturday afternoon and just outside the store was a man selling handcrafts. All of the pieces were made from used horse shoes!  64 more words

The Monday Minstrel

Menyusuri Mal Rongsok

Kota Depok memiliki tempa “Berbelanja” yang sangat unik. Mal Rongsok namanya. Jangan bayangkan mal ini seperti mal lain yang biasa kita lihat. Jika biasanya mal identik dengan tempat yang nyaman dan menjajakan barang-barang. 198 more words

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