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A trip to SCRAP

The first step in starting my clothing line is cleaning out my sewing room so that I have a functional space to work. Going through boxes of old fabric acquisitions, scraps, and unfinished projects was really difficult process at first. 322 more words

Sustainable Design

So long, and thanks for all the trash

I had better luck last week despite a still fairly minimal hunting schedule. I did a bit more exploring than I did the two weeks prior, and found a couple new spots that provided some interesting finds. 1,497 more words

Funding to Reduce Waste and Promote Recycling

The NWT Waste Reduction and Recycling Initiative provides up to $25,000 to communities, schools, organizations, businesses and individuals.  Projects must reduce waste and recycle materials not already collected through a NWT recycling program. 6 more words


What Can You Do With Produce Stickers?

As I continue to look for ways to reduce plastic in my life, one that comes up are those little stickers on our produce.  I avoid stickers when possible by shopping farmers’ markets, but during fall to spring, I still get lots of produce (often with stickers) from the store or food co-op.   250 more words


U.S. Trash: How It's Disposed

Just Facts Daily posted the following question:

In the U.S., what portion of all trash (measured by weight) is recycled, burned for energy, or composted? 11 more words


40 acts 2015 day 12


If you had to live without plastic for a week, could you manage? No bags, no food containers, no toothbrush. Tricky. 183 more words