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What Does Your Garbage Reveal About You?

If I looked in your garbage and recycling bins what would I learn about you?

Would I learn that you buy too much food, cook too much and don’t eat… 367 more words

Rubbish Bin

Building Houses from Trash

It’s not that strange of an idea. Take what you have and build what you need.

In Algeria, a refugee has started building houses out of discarded water bottles. 82 more words

Marine Litter

28-Day Plastic Purge - Week 3

Week 3 has gone by in the 28-Day Plastic Purge Challenge. Do you know what I’m realizing? I already do cut down on plastics but I think I’m more zero-waste than anything. 392 more words


E-Waste: What you need to know [Infographic]

“Since the start of 2017, we have thrown out more than 6.4m tonnes of electronic goods, according to The World Counts, a website keeping a live tally of global e-waste. 249 more words


Stained glass crafts

Here is an easy and fun craft you can do with bits of clear plastic and permanent markers.

I have collected clear plastic trays from fruit and other groceries and yoghurt pot covers for this craft and a massive set of Sharpies was going cheap at supermarket. 174 more words


3 Ways Big Business Can Green Up

When we think about recycling, most of the pressure falls on the consumer. Not the manufacturers or industry leaders who force us into certain packaging choices, or more often than not, no choice at all. 967 more words

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Back to Basics: My Retail Rebellion

It is said there are 4 basic essentials in life: water, food, clothing, shelter. Personally, I’d add books to that. But, otherwise it’s hard to argue with this logic. 1,451 more words