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Winkler Hall Implosion Appalachian State University - 2014

BOOM! Success! On June 1, 2014 DHGW was able to successfully implode the eleven-story Appalachian State University dorm, Winkler Hall, to rubble! DARI was contracted by the University to provide asbestos removal of entire 42,000 square feet of structure to prepare it for implosive demolition.  166 more words

All About Us

Girls for Green

Hello and welcome to our blog! Our names are Cassandra and Kendra and we are so happy you visited our blog. Cassandra is an 8 year old who loves animals and plants. 124 more words


Join ETF at the RecycleMania 2015 Kick-Off Fair!

Meet with us on Commons Mainstreet from 11:30am-1pm this Thursday (02/05).

What is RecycleMania?

RecycleMania is a competition between universities- to achieve the highest recycling rates and waste rates over 8 weeks. 123 more words


Repurpose Decor with Twine

The holidays come not only with new gifts to fill our homes, but the packaging they arrived in. A vase from a festive flower arrangement, a wicker display from a holiday fruit plate–busy hosting seasons leave us with plenty of junk to choose from for re-purposing projects for decor for the coming spring! 691 more words