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Lakeshore Cleanup

My adventures on Lake Bemidji continue. This afternoon I had the opportunity to pick up trash from the along the shoreline as part of the service learning component of an environmental class that I’m currently taking. 374 more words


5 Eco-Friendly Shopping Tips

There are so many different variables that go into a consumers purchase. Not only in the mind and preference of the consumer, but also in any given supply chain of any given brand. 341 more words

Health And Wellness

Friday's Frugal Five

Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day to Ya!  I haven’t had a proper corned beef dinner in years.  Perhaps after the MMGC is done I’ll plan one for April. 443 more words


Homestead Life

It has taken me a while to get comfortable with thinking of us as homesteaders.  The reason I suppose is because we both still work outside the home for our income, we also rely on electricity, gas and other technologies to live our daily lives.  579 more words

Homestead Life

Turn Your Waste Into Want

I used to do a post on Wednesday’s called Wednesday Waste.  But honestly I have gotten so particular about waste, I mean to the point where the Z Man gives me the side eye and just grins, and I know he is thinking “what is she doing now”.  307 more words

Five Frugal Things

There is a blog I follow that I really enjoy and get a lot of great frugal ideas from.  The Non-Consumer Advocate is based on the concept of use it up, wear it out, make do or do without.  384 more words


A Thought and A Funny

Do you ever need to remind yourself…  “nothing you’ve done well was done perfect the first time”

Salvaging the out going trash that is full of empty hanging file folder boxes because you are sure you can use them for something. 9 more words