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Warehouse Town

What has begun this earth could be its demise.

Creativity has lost its direction.

The meek forgotten and no rain in hand.

The thirsty reign. 103 more words


A Beginner’s Guide to the Circular Economy

What is the ‘circular economy’ and why does GUCA, alongside several economists, academics and cultural icons such as Brad Pitt and Meryl Streep, support it? 1,426 more words

Food Waste

What is this Blog?

Aside from my personal rant about life

I enjoy writing about the technical genius of clothing – how a flat piece of fabric becomes an intimate item communicating important parts of our individuality to the world. 216 more words


Nomadic State of Mind

#Ethical #Eco #Sustainable #Fashion brands that are tackling the negative impacts of our industry head on. Welcome to the Green Tailor’s Brand Review, where I introduce the best sustainable menswear brands and what they’re doing to transform the industry. 561 more words


Vintage Coolers: A Goldmine of Upcycle Uses

Vintage Ice Coolers seem to be showing up everywhere these days…and they are the perfect addition to your vintage collections especially this time of year. Many of the most popular ones are branded with soda trademarks and have fantastic color and retro graphics. 230 more words


Lakeshore Cleanup

My adventures on Lake Bemidji continue. This afternoon I had the opportunity to pick up trash from the along the shoreline as part of the service learning component of an environmental class that I’m currently taking. 374 more words