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Get Smart: Recycle Your Smartphone.

Each time there is a new iPhone or Android on the market, what do you do with your old phone? Do you let it sit in a drawer? 98 more words


360 Unlimited: A thrift shop where the possibilities are truly unlimited!

Nestled wonderfully in the Dixieland District of Lakeland are shops filled with an assortment of vintage and retro pieces that can add a bit of flare to any home. 488 more words

Pinup Girl Clothing

Completed Upcycled Shoes!

Old All Stars + camping foam mattress + CDs + Headphones = These badass sandals!

All the progress posts led to this :D

And here’s one from above… 15 more words

Keepin' Alabama Green

I recently had seen this online earlier this year. It is Alabama’s green report card for the year of 2014 and how we finished. If you have the time it is a very interesting read and goes along with summer and being active to help keep your own community clean. 131 more words


What Happens To Plastic You Throw Away?

I like to think I’m quite good at recycling, both at home and at work, but aside from separating my rubbish out into different bins I don’t really know what happens once it has been collected. 48 more words


Eco-Friendly Weddings 101

Sometimes we have a hard time really seeing the world around us. There are days when I am so busy that I can barely keep… 296 more words

Eco Wedding

Hanging Repurposed Water Bottle Garden

One of the things I enjoyed growing up was the taste and smell of fresh vegetables growing in our garden but now, as an adult on a budget and living in an apartment, I would either have to rent a plot from a community garden or settle for the generosity of friends trying to unload their bounty in order to enjoy fresh from the garden vegetables. 405 more words

Indoor Garden