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Keepin' Alabama Green

I recently had seen this online earlier this year. It is Alabama’s green report card for the year of 2014 and how we finished. If you have the time it is a very interesting read and goes along with summer and being active to help keep your own community clean. 131 more words


What Happens To Plastic You Throw Away?

I like to think I’m quite good at recycling, both at home and at work, but aside from separating my rubbish out into different bins I don’t really know what happens once it has been collected. 48 more words


Eco-Friendly Weddings 101

Sometimes we have a hard time really seeing the world around us. There are days when I am so busy that I can barely keep… 296 more words

Eco Wedding

„მიღებულია ახალი ფუთა!“

საიაკა დროზე ადრე მოვიდა და პირდაპირ კაფეში მელოდება. გულზე მძინარე სამი თვის ბავშვი ჰყავს მიკრული. ჩემი შვილის დაპატარავებული ტანსაცმელი უნდა გადავცე. ერთმანეთს ინტერნეტ გვერდზე შევხვდით, სადაც მეორადი ნივთების გაცემა, გაცვლა და ყიდვა-გაყიდვაა შესაძლებელი. 8 more words


Hanging Repurposed Water Bottle Garden

Chances are if you live in an apartment in the city it is going to be extremely difficult for you to have the garden of your dreams. 384 more words


Check out these selfies of ETF members!

Today we succesfully placed recycling labels on bins throughout Academic buildings on campus. These buildings include the Albin O. Kuhn Library atrium, Meyerhoff Chemistry Building, Biological Sciences Building, Mathematics/Psychology Building, Sherman Hall, Sondheim Hall, Administration, ITE, Engineering, Fine Arts Building and the PAHB. 160 more words


Tomorrow's meeting (03/09) will be a service event!

Tomorrow we’ll be meeting briefly at NOON in Commons 328 to gather and receive instructions before breaking out into teams to update the sticker labels on the recycling and waste bins around campus! 46 more words

Environmental Task Force