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Vin Scully in Variety, January 1950

By Jon Weisman

We greet you this morning with a treat — a peek at Vin Scully on the brink of his Dodger career.

Last week, my former employer Variety ran a piece with TV legend Norman Lear talking about… 318 more words


Get well soon, Vin Scully

The baseball playoffs are in full swing, but lacking what L.A. fans consider an essential component – the announcing of Vin Scully.

The Dodgers assure us Vin is resting comfortably after a medical procedure. 233 more words


Why baseball won't be the same without Vin Scully

For any number of reasons, baseball remains the one sport where comparisons between players of different generations can’t be dismissed out of hand.

Today’s baseball players are surely more physically gifted than those of the 1900’s, but since the game is basically being played now as it was then (save for the designated hitter), it’s still possible for a guy who hit and threw in the 20’s to be better than someone who hits and throws now. 656 more words

The Catbird

It’s time to resurrect this moribund blog.  To be sure, I have been posting a little on my radio-show blog, Hillbilly at Harvard.  Two posts on the musical life of fiddler (and mathematician-engineer) Tex Logan took a fair amount of time to research and compose, so if country music interests you, click on that link and scroll down. 1,095 more words

Saxonville Journal

Rhubarb in the Reporter

The way it is often told, Red Barber was the best in his time.

He was a natural, they said. Born to broadcast and born to relate the stories of Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers to the masses. 354 more words

Writing Samples

Baseball On the Radio

It goes without saying that it has been a long, long winter, and yet I just said it.  There was a blizzard in my drive way, glaciers in the parking lots, fierce wind, bitter cold, short days, black ice, frozen lakes, rivers and harbors.   394 more words



“Now let’s get back to the game.” When Vin Scully utters those words it means he just told a delightful between-innings story about how Matt Morris met his wife, (a Chicago Cub sportswriter) or the World Champion Brooklyn Dodgers of 1955. 501 more words

World Series