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My lLocal acorn lover - A pair of Red-bellied woodpeckers

This is the male of a pair of acorn savers stocking up for the coming winter. The tirelessly jam these nuts in about a dozen different trees, so deep, they are hard to retrieve. 8 more words

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A "Your Mama" Story

The constant chatter of baby birds has been my background music lately, as the second brood of the season has arrived. I saw this young Red-bellied Woodpecker clinging to the peanut feeder this morning, fiercely fending off the Brown-headed Nuthatches who were none to pleased by his presence. 337 more words


The Peanut Dance

Several days ago I posted a picture of a Red-bellied Woodpecker grabbing a peanut from the feeding trough. Since then, he has shown up on a regular basis, and has perfected his skills in peanut piracy. 140 more words


Bird's Eye Views at Lynde Shores ...... End of Winter 2013/2014

With the snowbanks from the coldest, snowiest winter that I remember almost gone, I want to share the last winter photographs that I took with my telephoto lens at Lynde Shore birds.   113 more words

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