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Celebrate The Small Things: 20 March

  • I was making tweaks to my website Share And Bake and the tester I was using came back with no coding errors, which felt pretty good.
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Today I’ve taken my first step towards monetizing my photography and I wanted to share with everyone how you can now own a unique print from some of the most interesting places we’ve visited around the world. 123 more words


For the New Year, I created an online shop on Red Bubble where I will be selling my art pieces and products. Red Bubble is a marketplaceĀ for those who wish to purchase clothing or other products that branch out from mainstream brands. 47 more words

Astrotonic Productions

Could There Be An All in One Book Lovers Website?


I want a website that is a combination of goodreads, book depository, and red bubble, A place where bookworms can buy books, get great recs, and buy amazing fan made products like tote bags, t shirts, and bookmarks.

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Calendar art

For artists looking for an easy way to create a calendar featuring your artwork, redbubble.com is a great resource. You can upload art and the company will print it on cards, framed works, calendars and even on iPad covers that customers can order. 55 more words

Red Bubble Store! And The Year That's Been!

Hey there, people!

It certainly has been a while, sorry about that. I’ve been very busy with work (teaching photography and art) and it’s taken up a lot of my time this past year. 593 more words