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The BEST Website To Buy Stickers For Your Laptop

If you or anyone you know is a college student, then you are used to seeing laptops COVERED in stickers, whether they have to do with tv shows, greek life, school pride, politics *shudders*, or just hobbies. 258 more words


Spring Leaves in Greens

These shades of greens layered with hand drawn blue gum tree leaves and tribal lines are designed to link the order and chaos of nature and mankind.


Spring Entropy in Greens Mandala

The kinetic growth of Spring so full of potential. Growth and transformation inspired this tightly wound mandala. Searching as the first medicine woman may have searched the succulent curves and folds of plants to learn their secrets I often contemplate nature on my daily walks. 29 more words


A Gift from a Fox

The hedgehog was delighted to receive a present from the fox.

See the contact page for commision enquiries.


Website: a4man.com

Twitter: @A4manArtist

Instagram: A4manArtist 


Red Bubble - New Designs Posted (shameless self promotion)

I’ve been working (am still working) on more designs for my Red Bubble store, but while some are taking longer than others, thought I’d share what’s up so far. 320 more words

She's A Graphic Designer!

Tea Time Talks - I have a valid reason!

*Hides behind a wall*


Yes I know, its been a long while and, I know, I had said there will be more blogs, not a lack of them…. 832 more words