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The car was luxurious and expensive. It was one of those fast, red shiny models that are good for going to parties. You know, when you go to your favorite club to come across as a big shot. 420 more words


Red sports car and a big moustache

As soon as he discovered surfing, he stopped bothering to get haircuts. He let his straight brown hair grow, get bleached by the sun and blown by the wind. 664 more words


Frequency Illusion and the red car

Stop reading now if you think I might be an expert on this , I am not.

I have been caught in the vortex as any curiosity cat might be.  401 more words

Dennett's critique of Qualia #2: color inversion and behavior

(Below a follow-up on a previous post about Dennett’s ‘Consciousness Explained’. This note draws on discussions with the study group on this text at the TU Delft) 1,307 more words

Vintage red van

Driving through the Cotswolds hills the old school way!

The Cotswolds – 2017

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