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You Will Believe a Boy Can FLY!

As a kid, who didn’t want to be a superhero? I know I did! I think that was the appeal to The Fly character by DC’s Impact line of comics. 533 more words

超級英雄 - Red Circle

Red Circle
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Of Secret Societies and Casual Misogyny

Humans are suckers for secret societies. Maybe we’re all vaguely paranoid naturally, but we seem fascinated by the possibility that groups of like-minded people, be they good or ill, gather under the cover of darkness and make secretive, potentially dangerous, plans that usually have something to do with world domination. 2,746 more words

Year Of Holmes

When Darth Vader missed the Red Circle

A few weeks ago….

“G., my sweety, could you please borrow me your Darth Vader minifigure with the fantastic red lightsaber? I know you already borrowed me Master Yoda, but I would like to show both of them in a very important conference. 2,147 more words