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That Time I was in a Parade

With temperatures in the triple digits, I will leave town with the masses in search of a cool breeze. But, we’ll be back so┬ámy son can┬áparticipate in a festive holiday parade with his water polo team. 695 more words


Red Faced!

No, no, not with embarrassment! When I was a child and then into my teens I was quite active in sports. I used to run track (the middle distance events like 800-1500 m, or the long distance like 3,000 m or more), and I also ran in cross country events. 759 more words


Leela Dogs Carjacking Attempt

Having just recently moved into my apartment block with my four-legged friend A.K.A. Leela Dog I was still getting to know my neighbours. One evening after work I parked up outside my block and got out of the car with Leela. 312 more words


Sorry for my absence

Hi everyone, sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been getting ready to move back to Georgia, and I haven’t even started to pack yet. Yesterday was my last day at work, but I have a start date at my new job in Georgia. 114 more words

The Before Face, The Trigger Face, The Present Face.

Before Rosacea July 2014

My face with Rosacea August 2014. This was not even the worst of the Trigger face.

This is my Present face with NO MAKEUP on at all. 89 more words


The life changer.

I was feeling down and out. I had no leads, but I had great friends. One friend, who shall be called Lilly, suggested that I do an elimination diet. 481 more words


This Cream is making my Skin Flakey.

This cream. The metro-cream was drying out my face. I had the worst flakes of skin on my face besides the red skin, bumps, burning, and itching. 343 more words