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Let's Talk

Can you believe she said that? Did that? Can you? I can promise you that you can and you do. We all do. No, we didn’t see it. 461 more words

Second Life

Day 3 into 4 of Self-recovery/discovery/uncovery

Today went well. I followed some old advice.

I’m not sure who said it best, but here’s a lousy paraphrase (not directed in malice at anyone in particular): Learn to say no, don’t let people waste your time, they will find more inventive and disturbing ways to do it, than you could possibly imagine. 68 more words

The Near Daily

Celebrate the Doctor! Dr. Seuss That Is

By Michael Worthan

We now live in a world if divisive talk, painful rhetoric, and in general all of our Facebook feeds are full to the brim of bad news. 174 more words


Back on track for 2017

Almost two years ago, we moved in together and realized how expensive food is.  Calling our initial budget a shoe string budget is putting it lightly.   319 more words

Red Fish


JAAA!  This Cajun dude down here in New Orleans called Donald Link has some of the best restaurants in town…without a doubt–who dat!

One of the best is Cochon over on Tchoupitoulis Street in the Warehouse District. 181 more words


A Ruthless Weekend

Some weekends are shit-shows. This weekend was just that 559 more words

Fly Fishing