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Album review: All Saints 'Red Flag'

My rating: 4/5

Red Flag is the fourth studio album by All Saints, and also their comeback release in April 2016 (their last being Studio 1  265 more words


The Parable of the Bonsai Man

Once there was a man who lived in the forest. He was a renown arborist who specialized in growing bonsai trees. He kept his little trees deep in the forest and, in the forest surroundings, he worked very hard to make sure his bonsai were absolutely perfect before he sold them. 231 more words

Short Stories

Public Likes-A Huge Pyramid Scam Infecting Kenyans Right Now

Have you heard about Public Likes? if you probably hadn’t, then you don’t have Whatsapp or Facebook. Their links are spreading like wildfire, and its all on the promise of quick, easy money. 928 more words


Red Flag Warning #1

When you are nice, they are not.

When you are not being so nice, they act nice.

They do not like that you are happy. You must be doing something behind their back or have someone/something else making you happy because they know it’s not them. 66 more words


On Why Labour Has to Win the 2017 General Election!

When the dust settles on the Labour internecine fighting – essentially a fight between Tory-minded Blairites and Socialist minded Corbynistas – the stark reality that shines through the battle smoke is that for the Working Class in Britain, there is no other alternative at the ballet-box. 635 more words

Leftwing Political Analysis

my good days, my questions, my dreams.. but also my frustrations, my opinionated rants, and everything in between. they’ll all find their way here. they are mine though, so… 180 more words

Write Life

Fancy a swim?

A solitary red flag stands on Blackpool South Beach A red (or yellow) flag
indicates the beach is monitored by lifeguards 29 more words