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20: Apology

. . . she wrote her curses against him in Italian, and Italian is her second language, a language she has to think about for a moment before she can choose her words.

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Narcissistic dynamics: Drama out of nowhere

I feel this is either carefully chosen – be it intuitively or more consciously- and the person bets on the other one to play along or it is a pattern. 643 more words


Red Flag Shirts

For Red Flag Shirt Company website

Photographer: Martin Mazur

Model in purple: Emmie Wong

Model in white: Navi Rai

Other models were done by a different make up artist named Kendall Bentley… 10 more words


Red Flag

Brace yourself, because I’m about to drop some knowledge. Women can overreact. We can. When we overreact, we can be wrong. By process of elimination, this means that I, being of the female variety can at points of my life fall into the category of overreacting, thus by overreacting: I can be wrong. 1,828 more words

Meet my super-crappy boyfriend…the Sims

During a recent Facebook-purge where I deleted (or at least hid) all of my super-angsty high-school posts, anything involving song lyrics or vague allusions to some inane drama or other, and about half of the pictures wherein I was cross-dressed as a Harry Potter character (the number that survive may seem astonishing, but honestly that’s a way-pared-down version), I realized something. 1,738 more words

Seattle Coach Pete Carroll Collides With Ref, Draws Flag

SEATTLE (AP) — Pete Carroll paid a price for the Seattle Seahawks first touchdown of the preseason.

Carroll collided with field judge Eugene Hall on Tyler Lockett’s 103-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in the second quarter of the Seahawks preseason opener against Denver on Friday night. 122 more words


Reviewing the Air Force Way of War: Making the Machine Human

This paper, by Lieutenant Colonel Scott Gunn, USAF, was originally published by The Strategy Bridge.

“The four-ship of F-15C Eagles raced across the sky at thirty thousand feet. 1,428 more words