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Job Ads- What You Need To Know

Hey guys! :)

So today, I decided to share some knowledge/insight with you. If you are in the middle of a job hunt right now, trust me, you will want to read this lol. 865 more words

Random Thoughts

Return of the 90s!

Four gorgeous forty-somethings decide to come back together to record their first album in ten years, a collection of new songs about turning points, warning signs, new pastures, guardedness, and the right to love. 125 more words

All Saints

Mental Illness: In My Own Words

Before going into more detail I first want to talk about mental illness and what it means to live with mental illness. Truthfully, I know the statistics and could look more up and share all of that, but for this blog I want to be more raw and talk about what mental illness… 841 more words


Gold Chain

Feeling lonely one night. Texting with an attractive man on OkCupid. I was just doing laundry that night, so figured I might as well do something/someone else. 877 more words


For May Day – In Memory of Guido Picelli | toritto

Guido Picelli – Leader of the Resistance to Fascism Guido Picelli was the leader of the last armed resistance to Italian Fascism, rousing the working men and women of Parma to defeat some 20,… 10 more words

20th Century

#5) Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church

When I was on Grand River, not far from Greater Faith for Deliverance, I saw this sign outside of a massive, gated parking lot. Initially on sight, I assumed it was for a college campus or a medical center (as these types of signs are typical at such places).  899 more words

Chinese People in Italy Protest Against Racism and Violent Armed Robbery

Original Chinese Language Article By: http://www.haiwai24.com

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note:  I was in Florence in the mid-1990’s with a Hakka Chinese friend. When we went into a Chinese restaurant, my friend started talking Cantonese to the owners (this is common in the UK) but the owner looked horrified and told her not to speak Chinese because the white Italians do not like it! 184 more words

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