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calm your tits

when life becomes too much to handle some shut themselves off to the world, some terminate certain aspects of their lives and some even set out on a new adventure leaving the old in the past, but me…i decided to start a blog to only add to this crazy thing called life. 818 more words


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And you thought universities cost too much

The funniest not-really-funny part of my day:

Got an email about Grace Hopper Academy, that markets itself to women of ALL economic levels who want to become web developers. 295 more words


Red flag

A red flag confession

Last school year I decided to get into the school’s flag football team, at first it was very fun. At first. It was fun because many of my friends were also in the team, and they made the sport seem fun. 264 more words

One for Today...

Nothing’s changed. It makes me sick.


Politics & Bullshit

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

You know how sometimes you have this friend who is always late no matter what?  I’m sure you’ve run into this.  If you want them to be somewhere at a certain time, you have to tell them to be there at least a half hour before you want them to be there. 991 more words

Israeli pilots return from giant US aerial exercise

An Israeli air force team returned today (Thursday) from the renowned multi-annual “Red Flag” aerial training exercise that takes place at the Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, and sometimes sees the participation of aerial teams from foreign countries. 70 more words