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Red Fox Kits Maturing

Time is marching on…the blue eyes of Red Fox kits are turning brown, as they do once a kit is around two months old. Their coat is slowly being replaced by the reddish hairs for which they are named. 69 more words

Red Fox Pups Establishing Hierarchy

When Red Fox pups are born, they weigh less than a stick of butter and have charcoal gray fur (with the characteristic white-tipped tail). Eventually eyes open, fur grows more dense and teeth begin to come in. 178 more words

What Can the Fox Say and Do?

Ever wondered what kinds of naturally sounding red foxes make? Wonder no more because you’d be surprised of how vocal (and sometimes unpleasant) such noises can come from a not-so-small creature with nocturnal behaviors. 210 more words

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Sunday Recovery Days

We love Sundays in the spring because they’re our one + only off days (we love Mondays-Saturdays even more though since we’re on the field together). 572 more words

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Red Foxes

The 61st book in the Elementary Explorer series, Red Foxes covers the physical characteristics,  life, habitat, behavior, and conservation of red foxes.

Vocabulary: adapt, affectionate, captivity, domesticated, endangered, litter, livestock, nocturnal, omnivore, snout, stable, territory

Red Foxes

Childhood Disney Stars: Then and Now

By Monica Saxton

If you feel like a kid now, wait until you see a few evolutions of your favorite childhood Disney stars. You’ll feel older after you see some of these transformations. 608 more words


Spring Break 2018

While most Marist College students jetted off to exotic destinations for uneven tan lines and highly anticipated R & R, we spent the majority of the week with our lacrosse family on Tenney. 265 more words

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