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The Story of Freshman Move-In

Gathering in the back of Marist’s largest freshman dorm, Champagnat Hall, current students made up of Ambassadors, members of Campus Ministry, and the entire Football team received their schedules for the day. 920 more words

Fox Tales News

My Foxy Lady

Welcome once again to Marmee Monday!

All you animal lovers will understand me when I say this, My Marmee is always with me. No matter where I go, she is never more than a thought away. 414 more words

Cape Cod

Chavaughn Lewis Begins Professional Career With Philadelphia 76ers

Chavaughn Lewis, the all-time leading scorer in the history of the Marist men’s basketball program, will start his professional career with the Philadelphia 76ers in summer league action. 204 more words

College Activities


 The phloxes are abundant along the Aragon Road and it is a sure sign of spring.

The Aragon Road is frequently used for recreational activities such as hiking, jogging, bicycle riding, horseback riding, boating and more. 348 more words


Spring Wildlife

I love the Rocky Mountains in spring!  We are blessed with so much wildlife, all busy and visible with their young.  From prairies to peak tops, the earth is springing forth with new life and opportunities to photograph and observe their behaviors and antics. 348 more words

Red Foxes

Red Fox Kits Romping

After spending their first month or so underground in their den, red fox kits emerge and discover the great outdoors. This is the most carefree time of their lives – days are spent playing tag, “king of the mountain,” and “hide and seek.” Engaging in mock fights, pouncing on each other as well as on insects (learning how to capture their own food) and tumbling in the dirt are the norm. 39 more words


There ARE Five!

Recent weather has been wet and cold, with strong storms last night. I didn’t seen the foxes for days. I even thought they’d moved somewhere else. 159 more words