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30 Questions Every Freshman May Be Asking Themselves

A freshman Red Fox recently asked these 30 questions as he headed into his second semester at Marist. So, my fellow writers and I decided to put our heads together and answer them for him. 705 more words


Using All Your Senses

Many wild animals are nocturnal or crepuscular, limiting our chances of firsthand observation of them. Those of us curious to learn more about their lives take advantage of whatever signs these elusive animals leave. 210 more words

Peace and serenity

In the morning, when the sun is just rising from her night sleep. When the grass is still chilled, and water frozen on the lake. The ducks sleepy and heads resting on feathers shiny. 229 more words

The Red Fox Holiday Gift Guide

Though it seems like the school year just started, the fall semester is quickly coming to a close. This, in turn, means two things, are around the corner – finals, and THE HOLIDAYS!!!! 910 more words

Marist College

A Homecoming to remember

Story by: Ashlee Gainey Photos by: Mary Tucker

On Friday, October 21, the Red foxes celebrated their 35-27 win over the Crestwood Knights, but they also celebrated the Crowning of Homecoming king, queen, and Mr and Miss Senior of 2016. 1,398 more words


Lights out Knights out

Photos by: Mary Bishop – Tucker

On Friday 21, 2016 the Red Foxes defeated the Crestwood Knights 35 -27. It was also homecoming for Hartsville. Logan Carpenter and Cheryl Miller won this years Homecoming King and Queen. 22 more words


Stunting from the past to the present

By Hailey Tehrani

It’s no secret that with each decade something comes back around, whether it is Pokemon or high wasted pants, it was old and made new again. 512 more words