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The Curse Workers trilogy - Holly Black

Firstly I know I don’t usually do series reviews as I tend to prefer reviewing separate books, but given I’m a gazillion reviews behind and that I read all three books back to back, I’m more likely to mix up what happened in what and give slightly wrong information in my reviews. 859 more words


I don't care about being good, but all bad things must end!

“Greater good is just halfway back to Bad.”
Sheri Holman, The Dress Lodger


“Come on, say it again. I’m a perfect devil.

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Anon letter left in the Tribune Post Box..

Today this was found in the Tribune post box, scaremongering or warning?

You decide dear reader.. 8 more words

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The Crimson Fox Strikes Again

First it was an ancient war hammer; the seeming expert thief known only as the Crimson Fox was at it again is Ered Eithel, stealing General Eol’s daggers and replacing them with yet another single, blood-stained glove. 174 more words

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The Rise of the Crimson Fox

An ancient ceremonial  war hammer was stolen from Ered Eithel just a week ago. Though more information is not yet available, it has been reported that the war hammer was taken and replaced with a bloodied, crimson glove. 145 more words

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Liga: GodZ Review with some designers notes

Designers: Marco Valtriani and Diego Cerreti
Illustrator: Guido Favaro
Publisher: Red Glove
Players: 3-5
Time: 90
Ages: 12+

Review by Andrea “Liga” Ligabue after 3 plays thanks to an early review copy by Red Glove… 2,762 more words