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Duct tape fixes everything 

https://youtu.be/qZDCBVy22W8This is a classic bit of Canadian comedy from the Red Green show from CBC, when Red Green made his own “Hummer” or “Humdinger,” as he called it, by duct taping two cars together. 34 more words

Write like Red Green

Nonfiction got you down?

Reality is overrated.

“How-to” reports can get boring.

Why not try writing how NOT to?

This could be recounting your true-life (mis)adventure. 28 more words


THOR Hammer Tool Kit

When it comes to tools there isn’t much in the way of geeky-themed hardware or accessories. Hoping to address this oversight, I present a THOR Hammer tool kit, for those times when you need to swing a hammer. 108 more words


Red and Green and mushrooms?

The first time I saw Kokadi Gluckstuch my brain screamed “THIS NEEDS TO BE A QUILT!”

When a scrap was posted locally, I was able to fulfill this need and make a wonderful seasonal quilt!   11 more words

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