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Rx for virtual intensive care units: An open source IT infrastructure

Virtual intensive care units (vICUs), which use technology to deliver care to patients in off-site hospitals and clinics, are nothing new. However, these vICUs are becoming more commonplace and are helping to meet the demands for better quality care and an improved patient experience. 596 more words

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The History of Containers

Given the recent massive spike in interest in Linux Containers, you could be forgiven for wondering, “Why now?”. It has been argued that the increasingly prevalent cloud computing model more closely resembles hosting providers than traditional enterprise IT, and that containers are a perfect match for this model. 1,160 more words

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Dirty Tricks: Launching a helper process under memory and latency constraints (pthread_create and vfork)

You need to launch a helper process, and while Linux’s fork is copy-on-write (COW), the page tables still need to be duplicated, and for a large virtual address space that could result in running out of memory and performance degradation. 2,051 more words

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Red Hat Training announces new way to train: Video Classroom

Red Hat Training has expanded our training portfolio to introduce a new training experience, Video Classroom . For the first time ever, Red Hat Training’s most popular courses are offered in a High Definition (HD) video. 288 more words

Tune In: Drilling for insights in the oil and gas industry in upcoming SAP and Red Hat webinar

The oil and gas industry knows a thing or two about a fluctuating business environment. Right now, it’s weathering a downturn. The price of a barrel of oil is down significantly since a year ago, and as a result oil and gas companies are having to scale back operations and investments. 281 more words


See You at ContainerCon in Seattle

If you’re looking at running Linux containers, you should be heading to ContainerCon in Seattle next week. Co-located with LinuxCon and CloudOpen, ContainerCon is where leading contributors in Linux containers, the Linux kernel, and related projects will get together to educate the community on containers and related innovations. 399 more words

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Webinar: What's new with Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

Have you heard about the new and changed features in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7? Join the Red Hat curriculum team for a webinar focusing on system administration topics that have changed significantly with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 product release. 156 more words