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Getting the Best of Both Worlds with Queue Splitting (Bifurcated Driver)

The Linux networking stack has many features that are essential for IoT (Internet of Things) and data center networking, such as filtering, connection tracking, memory management, VLANs, overlay, and process isolation. 1,096 more words

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Pushing the Limits of Kernel Networking

Note: The following post was authored by Alexander Duyck before leaving Red Hat earlier this month.  While Alex will be missed, his work continues in the capable hands of the Networking Services team.  3,528 more words

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Sneak Peek: Home healthcare company finds reliability, security and agility in open source

When it came time to upgrade a server system that had already been triaged, Hennepin Home Health Care chose an open source, Linux platform. Why? It needed an IT solution that was reliable, secure and agile to handle the company’s growth and ongoing adoption of electronic billing and medical records systems, and to be ready for government mandates and the constantly changing healthcare industry. 316 more words

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Recent Updates to the Atomic CLI

Back in April, we provided an in-depth look into atomic updating and announced the first of many atomic updates. Since then, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host has continued to evolve, along with the asynchronous kernel errata. 522 more words

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How much of Red Hat's $2 billion in revenue will come from cloud?

Red Hat, the company behind a flavor of the Linux operating system popular with businesses, should hit $2 billion in revenue this year, chief executive… 775 more words


Controlling resources with cgroups for performance testing


Today I want to write about the options available to limit resources in use for running performance tests in a shared environment. A very powerful tool for this is cgroups [1] – a Linux kernel feature that allows limiting the resource usage (CPU, memory, disk I/O, etc..) of a collection of processes. 2,275 more words

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