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I found the #TournamentofStitches on MarlyBird.com. Since I’ve been looking for CAL, this sounded like a lot of fun, so I joined in. I really enjoyed this mystery CAL. 32 more words


Game Day Make-Along 2018

I’ve been looking for CAL so I can learn new stitches. I found one by Marley Bird from February 4. I wish I’d been interested in doing this then. 39 more words


Red Heart Boutique Crochet Hat

Ever changed yarn? What method do you find easiest and least noticable?
I went to a goodwill here in Florida and located some yarn in a tote. 169 more words


Crochet Stuffed Octopus Amigurumi Animal

What do you make with your yarn? Hats? Stuffed animals? Something off the wall?
I typically stick with hats because they are relaxing, easy to handle and typically quick working. 303 more words



My last round with hats was a disaster, but eventually I knew I’d should try again. So, I found a great site promising a 30 minute hat… 69 more words


Small Clutch

I’ve been looking around for patterns that aren’t blankets lately. I found some small clutch images, but finding a pattern seemed to be more difficult. I then rad across… 80 more words


Scarf - skinny

I wanted to make a scarf that either a man or woman could wear. So, I chose a red heart soft yarn in a variegated color – watercolors. 41 more words