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Catching Up With the Symbolism in "Scream"

One of the first items I remember learning as a communication major was the concept of a red herring fallacy. Basically, this is when someone uses a deliberate distraction to keep the eyes off of the true issue at hand. 355 more words


Under the Red Herring Tree

After weeks of life only allowing me sporadic specks of time to write, I have found my way back into my garden of words.

Hurrying over to the Cozy Mystery corner, I settled myself under the Red Herring tree and released my long-neglected players out on the ground. 35 more words


Series on Logic Part 12 - Red Herring

Beloved, I have to admit something that might gross some of you out, I love sushi. It’s literally my favorite food. Unfortunately I’m not just frugal, I’m a straight up cheapskate so I only get it on special occasions like birthdays or Mother’s Day. 410 more words


Things I wore to work recently: highlights

It’s been three weeks since I posted one of these and it seems a bit much trying to go back and post everything I wore in that time so I have picked five highlights. 179 more words


Stop with the Red Herrings

Red Herring – Something that leads or distracts from the plot or the main issue.

For me, red herrings are what I put up in front of myself to distract from the real goal or issue. 742 more words

Just Thinking...

Time To Write — Losing Focus

Detective Ron Hayden took another look around the room and rubbed the stubble on his chin. “Something doesn’t add up here, Morrisey,” he said. “I’d say this whole crime scene has been staged.” 129 more words

Flash Fiction

Mystic River (2003)

Directed by Clint Eastwood

Mystic River tries to tell you that the past never really dies.  This is a film about a working class neighborhood in Boston in which the three central characters are deeply haunted by a moment from their childhood.  2,183 more words