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Youtube movie review: Red Hood

It seems that the darker part of the Batman universe it quite popular with the fan film community. This movie is really high quality in cinematography, scripting, pacing and casting. 60 more words

You Tube Series Review

Red Hood And Batman Bonding Time (Rebirth)

Lex Luthor and the first version of Bizarro helped save the world against the Crime Syndicate during the Forever Evil event.

At least Bruce is pretty consistent here, similar to his Pre-New 52 version, that he doesn’t want any of his Robins to don the mantle of Batman. 26 more words


How Red Hood Defeated Black Mask (Rebirth)

Black Mask infected Bizarro with the techno-organic virus and is controlling him.

You may think you’re not like Batman, Red Hood. But that was very Batman Begins of you. 7 more words


Batman Beyond: Revenge of Red Hood

    Batman Beyond has always been one of my favourite characters in DC. It takes place in the same continuity as the animated series. It is the first time I wrote anything on the character.

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Great anthology with retelling! Loved it!

Author Anthology


Punblished: November 2016


15 fairy tale classics reborn. 15 endings you’ll have to read to believe!What if Beauty was the beast? 655 more words


Red Hood And The Outlaws 6 Review

“I didn’t ask you to be Robin because I wanted someone perfect. I wanted someone who can do their best. Who can learn from their mistakes. 379 more words