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Festive Nails + A quick tip on building glitter polish up.

Would blogmas really be complete without a few nail posts thrown in?

How’s everyone finding blogmas so far?I’m not finding it too hard yet,apart from feeling overly tired,it’s going ok.I did most of my christmas shopping in November,so i’m able to relax a little bit now.Good job really,means i can concentrate on getting ready for my holiday next month! 359 more words


Update | where I've been + Easy Christmas nails!

Hi everyone! First of all, I want to say I am so so sorry that I haven’t been active on this blog for over a year. 358 more words

Nail Art

How To: Gel Manicure At Home

I used to be the girl who would always go to the nail salon to get her nails done. Although I loved the look of gel nails, I didn’t like the process of removing the gel nail polish, putting my hands in the UV light, & having to go to the salon every few weeks to have touch up my nails. 213 more words


Perfect nails at home.

I get a lot of comments on my nails at work from customers. They always ask who did them, and then when I tell them I did and they’re my real nails they always look so confused. 174 more words

Red and blue

First it snowed, now it’s raining, and it’s all sorts of boring and depressing. One needs some colour in one’s life:

So gorgeous. Clearly birds of a feather, these sparkle and stay – and do not stain! 59 more words


Simple Red Nails

Hello lovelies, it’s Wednesday – half of the week over. I am still down with sickness (nasty cold, probably sinusitis), but feeling a lot better than few days ago. 411 more words

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Some old Stuff

Hello lovelies, it has been ages. There’s a lot to tell, but first I’ll have this over with. Some really old arts stuff back from last year :O I have 3 designs from last year, from which 2 were supposed to be for stamping plate reviews.. 226 more words

Nail Art