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The Blacklist 02×13 ‘The Deer Hunter’: Scouting the prey

After watching this creepy episode, I was a bit nauseous.The murder was… different than normal. Liz questioned her morals which was interesting. Red changed someone’s mind because he does care about Liz. 24 more words


The Blacklist 02×12 ‘The Kenyon Family’: People will die

Hello friends! Dylan (the previous The Blacklist reviewer) had to drop out of reviewing this show and he asked me if I wanted to take over. 42 more words


The Blacklist takes a look at The Good Samaritan. Say what?!

The official summary of the Thursday, Feb. 12 episode of “The Blacklist,” titled “Ruslan Denisov,” reads as follows: “The task force must rescue an undercover CIA agent who was kidnapped by separatists in Uzbekistan; Red thinks they are up against a dangerous past associate known as Ruslan Denisov.” 524 more words

Agent Keen

Reconvo: The Blacklist S2 Episode 10 Luther Braxton II

by Veruca Salt and L.T. Milroy

What a crazy ride this episode was! Fun to watch but riddled with more holes than Swiss cheese.

For instance, I’m too confused to even go into the timing issues. 5,605 more words

The Blacklist 02×10 ‘Luther Braxton: Conclusion’: Call my bluff, please call my bluff

The conclusion to the two-part post-Super Bowl The Blacklist guest starring Ron Perlman. With The Factory in ruins Harold Cooper tries to rescue his team. Meanwhile Braxton has taken Lizzie in the hope of obtaining information about the elusive Fulcrum. 39 more words


The Blacklist 02×09 ‘Luther Braxton’: What happened in Belgrade?

First episode of 2015 and my god did it do its job. The task force tries to save Reddington from The Factory, a secret detention facility, but he has a plan of his own to tackle the next number on  81 more words


THE BLACKLIST: Megan Boone and EP Jon Bokenkamp Preview the Super Bowl Episode and What's Next for Red, Liz and Tom Keen (2015)

After springing the revelation that Red Reddington (James Spader) and Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold) do in fact have a shared history just before its Season 2 winter hiatus, THE BLACKLIST returns with even more twists and turns to keep their fans scratching their heads and clutching at their hearts.  4,295 more words

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