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New York Comic Con, here I come!

Salt Lake Comic Con 2015 was a fantastic experience, and I want to thank everybody who came to the panels and got a copy(or two or three) of my latest book, … 308 more words

The Girl and the Wolf

The Girl and the Wolf is my most recent painting for my Heni’s Happy Paintings Etsy Shop.  After finishing my light dove painting I felt like creating a more solid painting.   124 more words

Acrylic Painting

A Faerie in a Purple Dress: Sixteen


Impossible Things

“You want me to stop Bryak?” I asked the little apprentice.

He shook his head as he stood up from the chair he sat after telling his story. 1,776 more words


Reblogged: Why Banned Book Week (Sept 27-Oct 3) Should Matter To Us

When people do something as stupid as banning Little Red Riding Hood because of the depiction of a bottle of wine her basket… (yes, folks, that happened)… its important to understand why Banned Books Week is something we should all be aware of. 94 more words


A Faerie in a Purple Dress: Intermission

Peron’s Tale

Spoken by Tiidu Peron

My tale and that of the city starts with a different place and a much older time. Back then I was a beggar, a nobody on the streets or out in the wilderness, surviving by what I could scavenge and what people gave me. 3,605 more words


Mashup of favourite childhood stories.

I was very young when I started keeping secrets from my mother.
I didn’t always go “straight to grandma’s house and straight back” like I was told to. 784 more words

A-z Writing Challenge