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Taiwan: Dalongdong Baoan Temple & National Palace Museum

This morning saw us having a lazy lie-in as we had slept poorly the night before. We weren’t in much of a mood to rise early and get out and about, so we decided, hey, we’re on our honeymoon! 997 more words

In the Woods

So what if Red Riding Hood and the Wolf is cliché

We still love the woods, all night and all day

A mountain cabin is perfect for a retreat… 277 more words


[Characters] Red Riding Hood


Red Riding Hood



Actions which cause physical harm to a person’s body or possessions. The reckless use of one’s strength.

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Character Profiles

Red Riding Hood Night. Used to have toothaches then the nerves went dead and I do not have toothache anymore

Red Riding Hood Night. Used to have toothaches, then the nerves went dead, and I do not have toothache anymore. I used to have lots of heartaches, then my emotions went dead, and I no longer suffer heartaches. 8 more words

Tuesday's Texture...Little Red Riding Hood

I have mostly been featuring some of my art on Tuesday’s Textures, as opposed to actual textures. In saying that most of my images have textures applied or at least interesting texture in the actual image. 88 more words


Factual Fairytales

You may think that you know all there is to know when it comes to fairytales but you would be wrong. I have always loved fairytales and my favourite variation of each fairytale has been written by the Brothers Grimm. 648 more words

Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood (2011)

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

This movie should have been awesome but comes out as just alright. The cast chosen for this movie are pretty big names such as Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman, Billy Burke and Max Iron :) . 268 more words