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The Good Little Slut.

Stay on the path,
Mama said.
Don’t talk to strangers,
Mama said.
Don’t be a slut,
Mama said.

Does her hood protect her?
Or does it attract the wolves? 193 more words


Red Hood

(Violence and adult themes)

Seena could hear the foxes howling in the back garden.  She had put out a few scraps for them earlier.  She looked out the window and saw two of them enjoying their meal.  924 more words


"The Huntsman" Discussion Questions

The Huntsman is a modern retelling of Red Riding Hood. Fairy tale retellings are very popular right now, casting original characters in modern roles that only slightly reflect their previous adaptations. 240 more words

Creative Writing

Hannah, the Little Red Riding Hood

Supposing you are familiar with the famous tale, please fast forward to the scene where the Big Bad Wolf, having already taken care of the grandma, has now cornered the Little Red Riding Hood. 934 more words

She innocently stared from under the little red hood

Blueberry store and Foxy store brought out a great collab creation for their main store releases. A hooded dress with two different styles of hair. Of course, I had to create my own Red Riding Hood adaption, it was the perfect opportunity. 23 more words

such creatures most dangerous

…and paper cups double drumming the soundtrack. Girl turns away before I can; watches the streetcleaner zigzag. Slow for show in a red, hooded coat. £21 ain’t much these days. 525 more words


Fairytale Basics: Red Riding Hood

I’m going to be writing a series of posts about fairytales, nursery rhymes and fables. The reason for this is that the teachers in the 3rd grade rooms have noticed a considerable lack of knowledge of what most Americans would consider the “basics”. 463 more words

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