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Crimson Snow

The girl

Dressed in red

The sweetest person the town ever had

Her mother once asked

For her to go to her grandmother’s shed

“Don’t go into the forest, it is dangerous.” 181 more words


Through the woods (draft)

I see you standing there,

my friend, waiting to

observe the one in red

riding through the woods

on a stead of illusion.

She gallops confidently… 39 more words


Once Upon A Time: Red's Untold Tale

I know, I know, we’re already a 1/4 of the way into the new year and I’m only just making my first post – shame on me! 503 more words

New Doll Patterns!

Announcing new doll patterns! Now available – Flip Doll and Red Riding Hood/Grandma/Wolf Doll. These are suitable for intermediate to advanced sew-ers. A list of materials is included on each pattern. 84 more words

The Rabbit That Wasn't Right In The Head: A Red Riding Hood Story

Long ago, a young girl went for a walk through a dark forest. She wore a red coat with a red hood, and because she wore it all the time, everyone called her Red Riding Hood. 1,044 more words

Short Stories

The Melder-Sifter and the Big Bad Wolf

In a (slightly belated) celebration of International Women’s Day, here is an obscure little folk tale which you may recognise! It involves a young girl, a big bad wolf and, of course, a mill. 404 more words

Red Riding Hood (from a modern mother's perspective!)

Fairytales have served throughout the centuries to teach children valuable lessons such as ‘don’t stray from the path or you may get eaten by a talking wolf.’  Yet often I find myself telling a story thinking “good god this is dated!   1,884 more words