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Description from photographer if any:

A beautiful day for a hike last year in the Red River Gorge..Powell County, Kentucky…thank you for your visits and have a great evening.

By carol20

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Triumph Dragon Raid 2015: Day 0 - Southbound (Part 1)

For no apparent reason whatsoever, my eyes snapped open at 4 AM Sunday morning (9/6/15). I shouldn’t say for no reason, it’s without a doubt excitement about one of the longest motorcycle rides I’ll take all year. 974 more words


Triumph Dragon Raid 2015 : The Preview

Last week I vacationed in one of the best motorcycle destinations in the country. After shooting over 5,000 photos, and checking off two items from my… 159 more words


2015 Rugged Red

This is a long one: Both Ashley and I share our 2015 Rugged Red experience below, followed by bonus pictures!

Last Saturday was the second Rugged Red in Red River Gorge, Kentucky! 1,714 more words

Nature | Late October

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Description From Photographer if Any:

This one hike in the gorge last October was one of the most beautiful hikes we’ve been on there…and we’ve hiked there many times….not only was the weather perfect, but the color of the leaves was just right…thank you for stopping by…it is most appreciated…have a great weekend.

By carol20

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Miguel’s Pizza: A Climber’s Home Away from Home

It’s in almost every climbing gym in the United States. Its face smiles on from the sides of water bottles, beaming from climbers’ backs as they ascend. 1,097 more words


Healing the Red River

“You must give to the river the kindness you would give to any brother” – Chief Seattle

The Red River in Eastern Kentucky formed one of my most cherished and sacred gorges in all of the country.

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