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Red River Gorge

I think we all remember Sean & Zach’s Jamaican vacation turned surprise elopement. If not, here’s a little reminder:

You can see more photos from their adventure… 158 more words

Red River Scramble: Where to Ride

The Red River Scramble “Meetup” is just a few days away now. Per my comments, I’ll be at Miguel’s Pizza Saturday morning (7/22/17) for breakfast, from there I’ll direct folks to the type of riding they’re looking for, and I expect I’ll meet up with a few folks for a ride just after noon. 1,657 more words


LEXpert flashback: When I was a volleyball star

I listed this little cabin in the woods last week.  I normally don’t go this far out of Lexington, but it was for a past client. 363 more words

Random Real Estate Thoughts

Wilderness Practice at Red River Gorge

“Modern psychotherapy is almost universally practiced during a fifty-minute hour in an office, in a building, in a city or suburb. The pattern is all but automatic; opening a ‘practice’ means opening an ‘office’ that must usually be reached by driving a car along a congested freeway through a threatening city.   449 more words

North America Backpacking Trips

City Girl Living in Kentucky

I moved to Kentucky just over 10 years ago.  Any time someone moves from one region to another, there is bound to be some culture shock–something that takes getting accustomed to. 608 more words

Cincinnati Weekend!

Total drive time: 12 hours. Detroit to Cincinnati to Red River Gorge and back!

The details are in the video, so we won’t bore you with all of that. 12 more words


Red River Gorge: Two night, clockwise backpack loop.

After my Double Arch-Auxier Ridge day hike, I drove over to Koomer Ridge Campground to do a two-night loop around the central hiking network of Red River Gorge.  1,817 more words

Red River Gorge