Express Yourself

Hey!  I hope y’all had a great 4th of July.  Isn’t it wonderful that we live somewhere where we have such freedom?!

Freedom to live our lives as we choose.  122 more words

The Coffee Table

Hello!  How are y’all doing today?  Good!  I wanted to talk with you about styling  your coffee table.  Do you?  I do when I have a post showing my living room.  657 more words

Vignette/Tablescape and Cicadas

Hey!  How are ya’ll?  I have a vignette/tablescape for you today.

Sweet gardenias perfuming the air.  The Magnolia trees are blooming with gorgeous flowers.  My trees have the flowers too high for me to get even if I had a ladder.  199 more words

Grits From A Box

Hey!  Come on in!  I have the table set in the living room.  I have furniture on the back porch drying so there’s no room for our table out there.  339 more words

Decorating with White

White certainly is popular in home decorating and has been for some time now.  I do think it is a pretty backdrop for other patterns and colors to show much prettier. 381 more words