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Thinking spring

As I’m writing this, there are 47 days until opening day at Fenway, but that’s getting a little too far ahead at the moment.  So, at this present moment the gang’s all there, there, meaning Fenway South at Jet Blue Park in Fort Myers, Florida.   134 more words

Looking ahead

That’s what I have been doing, looking ahead to the new season.  With the seven feet of snow on the ground, I’ve been counting down the days.   192 more words

Red Sox Truck Day Usurped by Patriot Truck Day

DATELINE: Highway to Spring

Truck Day is not supposed to arrive for another week, but the New England Patriots once again one-upped the Boston Red Sox. 255 more words

Politics & Society

Curt Schilling Denied Justice

DATELINE: Screwball & Blackball

Major League baseball writers threw a blackball at Curt Schilling when they elected his teammate Pedro Martinez to the Hall of Fame at Cooperstown. 274 more words

Politics & Society