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Calling All Kids: Opening Day, Gate K, and Mayor Marty Walsh

Now that spring is in fact here and white monster of winter’s reign has retreated, the Green Monster can come out and play.  Today, Mayor Marty Walsh led a tour of Fenway and cut the rope for the new Gate K.   783 more words


Red Sox 2015 or Bust

DATELINE: Good Humor Man

A few diehards have asked us why we are not writing more often about the 2015 Red Sox.

We have ignored the sign over the door that reads in various translations, “Abandon Hope,” or worse “Work Shall Make You Free.” 197 more words


Getting close

Opening day for the baseball season is April 6th, and with each passing day, that day just keeps getting closer.  After the brutally long winter, the baseball season is something that I am really looking forward to.   135 more words


David Ortiz All Wet After DeHydrating


We’ve been told in no uncertain terms to lay off David Ortiz. The Big Papi had to sit out a game in the hot Florida sun because it dehydrated him. 235 more words

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Thinking spring

As I’m writing this, there are 47 days until opening day at Fenway, but that’s getting a little too far ahead at the moment.  So, at this present moment the gang’s all there, there, meaning Fenway South at Jet Blue Park in Fort Myers, Florida.   134 more words

Looking ahead

That’s what I have been doing, looking ahead to the new season.  With the seven feet of snow on the ground, I’ve been counting down the days.   192 more words

Red Sox Truck Day Usurped by Patriot Truck Day

DATELINE: Highway to Spring

Truck Day is not supposed to arrive for another week, but the New England Patriots once again one-upped the Boston Red Sox. 255 more words

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