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Back after a long absence

It has been quite a while since I last posted. I had long contemplated starting a blog on my passion for macro photography, so I could share photos with my friends, and I finally did, in August of 2013. 850 more words

Macro Photography

Overwintering Pests

Keep an eye out for overwintering pests, especially white-flies and red-spider-mites. [Photo CCBY ScotNelson]


Poor Pepper tree


This blog entry is going to briefly introduce Forest Gardening, and then go on to focus on one plant. This is to try and illustrate that with alternative and less familiar plants associated with this style of gardening, there are new pests to get to grips with. 411 more words


Cucumbers  (Cucumis sativus) are part of the  Cucurbitaceae plant family and originally from South Asia, although is now wide-spread across most continents.

The variety I grow is ‘ 633 more words

Whitefly and Red Spider Mite

In the greenhouse whitefly and red spider mite may still be active! Watch out for these pests.


Check Your Greenhouse for Mites

Check the plants in your greenhouse for aphids or red spidermites and take appropriate measures.