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US election 2016: Hillary Clinton's bid for Republican stronghold - Anthony Zurcher 23 October 2016

If Hillary Clinton is going to break through the narrow electoral map that has dominated the US presidential landscape for 16 years, some traditionally conservative states are going to have tilt her way. 309 more words

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The heartland isn't, and other myths of diversity

In 2004 my state had one of the closest races for Governor ever. On election night, it appeared that the Republican candidate, former state senator Dino Rossi, was the winner—but by only 261 votes. 1,374 more words


... You are Not the President of the Blue States [#POTUS]...

.. or that of the Red States , POTUS …

.. You are the President of All of the United States , Mr. Obama ! … 30 more words

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As North Carolina Goes; So Goes the Nation?

North Carolina is a “red state,” but could it be turning “blue?” The reaction of North Carolinians to Donald Trump last week may be making a ‘huge’ statement, one which doesn’t bode well for the Republican standard bearer. 302 more words

One Nation…Indivisible?

Let’s start with the reaffirmation that I am old, jaded, and have worked too long within the political system to feel much enthusiasm for the current state of politics. 2,148 more words

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