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29 August 2015

Little did I know when we moved to Wheeling we would be stepping into a smelly pile of Right Wing Bull Shit. 410 more words

Racism in South Carolina? How Original! (June 5, 2010)

Talk about the ultimate backfire. When Palmetto State Republican gubernatorial candidate John M. “Jake” Knotts Jr., called GOP frontrunner Nikki Haley, a converted Christian of Sikh Indian descent, a “raghead” this week, he made the young lawmaker a household name. 647 more words

Contemplating My Navel (Personal Blog)

The Power Of Blue-State Republicans

The largest bloc of Republican voters do not reside in any of the early voting states (IA, NH, SC, NV). They do not reside in the South. 1,160 more words


I Strongly Support the EPA Clean Power Plan

I agree with Rep. Schakowsky, this is of the utmost importance in terms of health reasons, economic reasons, civil rights and political symbolism. When I speak of political symbolism, I mean showing the American people that government is here to address these matters that affect all of us as a nation, what we cannot do for ourselves as individuals, we can accomplish together as a nation. 248 more words

How living in a Blue State can save your life - Example I


Yes, you read correctly. If you think the issue of healthcare in the United States is not a life or death matter, you either have never had a serious health problem or you’re a majority shareholder, or senior administrator, of a large health insurance company. 586 more words