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Rape as a Partisan Issue

So in an effort to be honest I lean right, by lean I mean I’m dangling way off that cliff already, and going into this little study I absolutely thought “Oh Man I am so going to prove that rape culture exist in those Democratic strongholds.” 759 more words

State Deductions are Unfair!

So I flipped my car radio to the Michael Medved show the other day and managed to catch him between commercials for performance enhancement, income tax settlement, incredible investment opportunities, and patriotic booze. 949 more words

Zero-Sum Federalism

Our federal bonds are fraying.

We Americans increasingly are conditioned to view federalism and, along with it, national unity, in zero-sum terms. And why shouldn’t we?  808 more words

Jim Langcuster

Catalonia, Catalonia, What Makes Your Big Head So Hard?

The last time Spain had a civil war it was fought between supporters of the fascist dictator Francisco Franco and communists who wanted to establish a worker’s paradise similar to Stalin’s Soviet Union, which offered an even worse choice than the one America voters faced in the last presidential election. 890 more words


Pushed into a Corner

“You get a volatile society when you change it overnight, and you don’t give people a chance to weigh-in on whether they like it or not.” 316 more words

Jim Langcuster

Red and TrueBlue Family--2

My dear Siblings,

I voted for Hillary.
I would have preferred Bernie,
but she agreed to much of his platform-especially universal health care and education and seemed to be cognizant of environmental/climate change issues and bonus–she’s a woman! 354 more words


Red America & Blue America (after the divorce)..

If you haven’t already read the first two posts in this series I would highly recommend you do that now because this one won’t make much sense if you don’t. 518 more words