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America in Half

We may get stronger by being cut in two.  Well, it depends on which side you’re stuck.  Those caught on Berlin’s dreary right portion envied those in  813 more words

A Must Read on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Each year on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we ask you to find time to read this powerful letter that captures a moment of history and still rings true today. 6,833 more words

Study Break

Louisiana a Red State Elects a Blue Governor

For years it appeared to me that GOP voters had little concern if those they elected had a sense of morality or if they were actually criminals. 522 more words

Gubernatorial Election

NYTimes: Who Turned My Blue State Red?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to see your neighbor get off the dole. Aligning and voting with the Republican party to do so makes little practical sense. 59 more words

Nobody Is Flying The Plane

Blog #49 - Hatred An Unfortunate Human Trait 14 November 2015

Yesterday, in the beautiful city of Paris the world witnessed a horrible example of misdirected religious fervor and hatred. This morning, in our good old U.S. 213 more words


What I Learned on My Red State Book Tour

I think the Republican Party by and large frame many issues much better than the Democratic Party does, republicans find ways that speak to many fears and uncertainities that ironically are the byproducts of republican economic policies. 514 more words

The Medicaid Gap

A lot of people who have settled in various BLUE states and have through the natural course of life, become sick — become disabled — would love to move back home and closer to the families they once left to migrate toward their dreams and goals. 175 more words