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GOP control of states at 95-year high as conservatives flee authoritarianism and economic dysfunction in blue states

(National SentinelCultural Divide: The Democratic Party has become so divisive, so over-the-top with its social gerrymandering, so closed-minded, and so overly possessive of personal wealth that it’s led to a historic surge in Republican control of states. 362 more words


Whoever Wins the Senate Seat in Alabama Will Add another Racist to the Republican Party

One of two candidates will be the next senator from Alabama. It doesn’t matter which one wins; the American people lose. Alabama is the most racist and most corrupt state in the Union. 325 more words

Trump is the President of 'Some of the States of America'

Nearing seven months in office, Trump has proven only two things to the American people; he will be remembered as the worst president in history, and he is not the President of the United States of America; he is the president of some states. 416 more words

The REAL truth about Trump's popularity that the media isn't telling you

(National SentinelElection 2018: To hear the Left-wing establishment media tell it, President Donald J. Trump is the most unpopular chief executive ever, and what’s more, he’s getting  779 more words


Under Trump, Red States Continue To Outpace Blue Ones In Jobs

States that voted for President Trump continue to see better job growth than ones that didn’t, data released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show. 67 more words

The Terribly Icky Car Trip

We made it to Iowa.  But only after a long, hard, impossibly-icky travel day.  More than 700 miles were covered in only fifteen-plus hours.  With no real breaks for meals because restaurants will not look kindly on bringing the family dog into the dining room.   541 more words


The Art of Being Stupid

My title today may prompt you to think, “Apparently, when Mickey does art it is stupid art.”  If my title didn’t make you think that, then my first sentence certainly did.   651 more words