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As North Carolina Goes; So Goes the Nation?

North Carolina is a “red state,” but could it be turning “blue?” The reaction of North Carolinians to Donald Trump last week may be making a ‘huge’ statement, one which doesn’t bode well for the Republican standard bearer. 302 more words

One Nation…Indivisible?

Let’s start with the reaffirmation that I am old, jaded, and have worked too long within the political system to feel much enthusiasm for the current state of politics. 2,148 more words

American Society

Flying Dildos

Chances are there’s a conservative politician under your bed or on your favorite news show screaming that sex, and the sex industry, are the cause of moral decay. 1,311 more words

Study Break

Red and Blue States Have Destroyed the United States

Today’s Supreme Court decision affecting the bigoted changes in Texas’ abortion law will have enormous effects in multiple areas across the nation. The Court struck down a law which discriminated against low-income and poor women in Texas, Wisconsin, and proposed laws in other red states. 490 more words