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Under Trump, Red States Continue To Outpace Blue Ones In Jobs

States that voted for President Trump continue to see better job growth than ones that didn’t, data released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show. 67 more words

The Terribly Icky Car Trip

We made it to Iowa.  But only after a long, hard, impossibly-icky travel day.  More than 700 miles were covered in only fifteen-plus hours.  With no real breaks for meals because restaurants will not look kindly on bringing the family dog into the dining room.   541 more words


The Art of Being Stupid

My title today may prompt you to think, “Apparently, when Mickey does art it is stupid art.”  If my title didn’t make you think that, then my first sentence certainly did.   651 more words


consciously white in a "red state"

Last week I took my newly bought 2000 Jeep Wrangler through the emissions check point.  I was skeptical when I bought this classic beauty in Alabama from a slick talking southerner named Grant who called his dealership “Gilbert’s auto.”  When you are in the market for an old wrangler 11-17yrs old, one is mighty desperate. 425 more words


Democratic Senators Act Like Democrats

Red-State Democratic Senators Don’t Seem Scared to Act Like Democrats

By Ed Kilgore

When it came to managing the U.S. Senate, the supposed ace in the hole for Republicans this year was supposed to be the political tremors experienced by the ten Democratic senators up for reelection in 2018 who were from states carried by Donald Trump last year. 518 more words

Rebel Posts

Is the Left Gearing up for Civil War?

With the election of President Trump, many on the left have literally lost their minds! In the days following the election college students had to escape to their “safe spaces”, adults called out of work, and some even stayed in bed for days! 612 more words

Speaking in Iowegian

“We’re from Ioway…Ioway!

State of all the land…

Joy on every hand…

We’re from Ioway…Ioway!

That’s where the tall corn grows!”

Yep, I was an Iowa boy.   736 more words