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10 States Most Dependent On the Federal Government

10 State Most Dependent On the Federal Government

I found the above list over at the Cheat Sheet business section to be interesting.  The article itself says that you can’t draw too many conclusions because states on this list often need money to protect the border or for military basis, among other needs.   42 more words


DAVID BROOKS: The Field Is Flat

New York Times: Like a lot of people who pay attention to such things, I had assumed that Democrats had a huge advantage going into next year’s presidential race. 172 more words


Bottoms up - starting a conversation for change in the rural South

“I’ve always believed that change doesn’t come from the top down; it comes from the bottom up.”

-President Barack Obama, September, 2009

It’s been Obama’s mantra since the beginning of his administration, and even before, when he first ran for president in 2008.

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Some hope red states don’t ask for federal aid in wake of tornadoes

The ignorance of the red states in the south on global warming is now paying off …stupid rightwing hicks!

— Kent Haas (@KENTping) April 28, 2014…

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Is the New AP Test Really Too Liberal?

So much talk lately about who or what is patriotic. Mostly because “America’s Mayor” Rudy Giuliani had the nerve this week to say Barack Obama lacked love for America in general and for Giuliani in particular. 436 more words


Facing Reality Through the Funhouse Mirror - Alabama Gov. Debating a $700MM Tax Increase is a Sign Changes Are Needed

In a state overcome by irrational fears and hyperparanoid conspiracy theories lurking at the corner of every turn, it is impressive to see an incumbent Republican governor of one of America’s reddest states propose a tax increase. 279 more words


"An Unexploded Ordnance": Why Republicans Secretly Hope The Supreme Court Will Save Obamacare

Because a Supreme Court decision for plaintiffs in King v. Burwell would impose extreme hardship on Affordable Care Act beneficiaries in 34 states and leave President Obama’s signature achievement in a frightening state of limbo, the law’s supporters are united in opposition to such a ruling. 1,009 more words