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Pampering During our Moontime

Moontime is another term for “period” and “menstruation”, and I use it exclusively these days, as it reminds me of the sacred bind between a woman’s body and the rhythm of the moon cycles. 1,193 more words


Sacred Circles

Hello Shining Sisters!
I wanted to ground in with all of you for a moment and share something about where my process in this journey has been. 210 more words


Sacred Sisterhood

Hello Sisters!

So I have decided that the time has come for me to start Vlogging! There have been so many ideas coming to me recently and I feel that now is the time for them to come into fruition, and what better way to share my ideas than to do a weekly VLOG! 74 more words


Red Tent Initiation Program Launch

Following the spiral path of maiden, mother, and crone…

Do you want to take a journey into a deeper understanding of yourself? Do you wish to unlock insight and understanding? 407 more words


The Red Tent 

Today was a Red Tent kind of day. After Dad’s funeral, lifelong family friends came up to me and said that we needed to get together, all of us girls, and have a Red Tent moment. 350 more words

Miriam the Migdalah: The Eyes of Love

Our Lady of the Red Thread (Complimentary Video Lesson , 2012)

Title: “Miriam the Migdalah: The Eyes of Love”

Miriam’s Message: “Let the eyes of love be opened in every willing heart.” 303 more words


Magickal Witches of the Bible

If you go on line there are a million and one definitions of a Witch. Most agree that she is a wise woman who is a healer and an herbal crafter. 1,840 more words

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