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Goddess Wisdom by Tanishka Moon Woman

I feel like I have ‘known’ Tanishka the past three years through her wonderful newsletter and facebook page, but last night, I had an opportunity to talk with her.  348 more words

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Standing on Solid Ground

Standing on Solid Ground in Shaky Times

This past week, I realized that many of the women I came in contact with were voicing the same concerns that I was voicing to myself.   1,237 more words

A Window On Life

"Sorry for Your Loss" & Other "Advice"

One of the most traumatic things you can experience as a human is loss. That may be loss of another person, the loss of a pet, the loss of something that belongs to you or even the loss of yourself. 1,384 more words

Basic Bitch Blog

Top Nine Things I Have Learned From My Women's Circle

Happy International Women’s Day to everyone,

but especially

to all those incredible women out there

who have had the courage to truly be themselves

and helped me learn the following: 1,006 more words

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Where is the fucking “red tent”?!?

If you are anything like me, the arrival of your period signifies some level of upcoming discomfort and potential emotional instability at least for the next few days coming forward. 875 more words

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What??? You Haven't Tried out the DF App Yet??

SO … two women came to our last Women’s Circle.  Both of them who facilitate these incredible events at Holistic Goddess Retreats.

One of them had the DF App on her smartphone, and the other had me explain exactly what the App is again … 458 more words

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