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June 25: Red Tent Moon in Cancer

The next Red Tent will be themed by the New Moon in Cancer, which actually occurs on June 23rd. Cancer is a water sign and brings deep emotions up to the surface that need to be released. 129 more words

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What is a Red Tent Women's Circle?

In many ancient traditions throughout the world, the Red Tent or Moonlodge was a place where women would gather each month to meditate, share their experiences, support each other emotionally, and honor their sacred feminine cycles. 469 more words

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What do we do in the Red Tent?

There are many different ways to do a Red Tent Circle, so here I will describe my personal approach to guiding the circle. I was trained to lead circles by an Australian woman named Tanishka ( 508 more words

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Why is it only for Women?

The Red Tent was traditionally connected to women’s moon time, their menstruation. This is one of the reasons why it is kept exclusive and why it was considered mystical and unspeakable in our male oriented society. 91 more words

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How can I participate in the Red Tent?

To participate in the Red Tent Circle, the only thing you need as a woman is to have passed your first menstruation. It is not important if a woman still has her moon time or if she passed the time of actively menstruating. 157 more words

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What shall I bring to the Red Tent?

There is not much that you need to bring to the circle. Mostly I will ask to bring a blanket and cushion to make yourself comfortable, and to bring a plate of food to share after the circle. 131 more words

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My Red Tent Women

The Red Tent movement is about your tribe of women, sisterhood, empowerment and supporting eachother.

It’s so important to have a network of women to lean on.

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