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Dear Women,

I heard a piece of lore at the Southeast Wise Women’s Conference last year. The goddess saw her husband and sons coming to kill her, so she broke herself into millions of pieces and hid inside the women of the lands. 631 more words


The most sacred time of the month or a medicalised inconvenience?

We can find cycles everywhere – the journey through each day and night, the passage of the moon every month, the orbit of the earth around the sun each year and the stages of our lives on earth. 495 more words

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What is a Sacred Circle or Women's Circle?

Women have been meeting in circles forever: knitting circles, book clubs, bible studies, and tupperware parties. What makes it a ‘Sacred Circle’ also called a Women’s Circle? 1,253 more words

Find A Women's Circle

Difficulty Putting in Location to Find a Sacred Circle

So … you’re using the International Version on the Find a Womens Circle site:  The DF App and having problems entering the location, getting a “please enter a valid location”.  33 more words

Find A Women's Circle

Hot Tomato Pick of the Week

MOV Red Tent

Okay..actual quotes from me, Jesse Hyde earlier this fall when Cat I asked if Hot Tomato would like to be involved.

“Wait, is this one of those events where white ladies pretend they’re in a sweat lodge?”

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Gemini Cold Moon Ritual

Δ 2016’s Last Full Moon Δ

“Ritual: Transformational Communication”

While the Sun is in Sagittarius, the sign of the the Traveler and the Truth Seeker, the last Full Moon of 2016 will be in Gemini, the sign of communication. 652 more words

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