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Where is the fucking “red tent”?!?

If you are anything like me, the arrival of your period signifies some level of upcoming discomfort and potential emotional instability at least for the next few days coming forward. 875 more words

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What??? You Haven't Tried out the DF App Yet??

SO … two women came to our last Women’s Circle.  Both of them who facilitate these incredible events at Holistic Goddess Retreats.

One of them had the DF App on her smartphone, and the other had me explain exactly what the App is again … 458 more words

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The Red Tent

By Anita Diamant.

There are two groups of people who might be put off The Red Tent by its nature or its subject matter. People who are not Christian might not want to read it because it is based around characters in The Bible. 381 more words


A budding career in puberty

My daughter has buds…not the obvious, ‘buds’, mates at school type buds, though, thankfully, she does have those. But more, spring like ‘bud’s, the type that are just about to blossom and bloom, into, well, yes: breasts. 589 more words


Dear Women,

I heard a piece of lore at the Southeast Wise Women’s Conference last year. The goddess saw her husband and sons coming to kill her, so she broke herself into millions of pieces and hid inside the women of the lands. 631 more words