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Resting is . . .

Resting is a pile of things in the bed with me until I am ready to get out of the bed.

It’s a heating pad on a cold day. 134 more words

Menstruation as Rest

Off and on over the years, I’ve experienced really intense menstrual periods, sometimes with cramps and aches that keep me awake at night and to myself during the day. 122 more words

How to make a beautiful Red Tent doorway

What does every Red Tent need (besides incredible women)—a beautiful doorway inviting them in!

In this very special episode of Red Tent TV, Dr. Isadora (the Red Tent Movie filmmaker) gives you a step-by-step guide on how she made her Red Tent doorway that she uses in her traveling Red Tent. 213 more words

Red Tent

The Red Tent, an Addendum to the Red Road

So I wrote recently about the red road to Galilee. I don’t know why the road has to be red, but apparently it is. I was thinking about that redness and all the things that red can be and mean. 1,203 more words


Every community should have one of these...

Even a sixteen-year-old girl knows: our world would benefit immensely from all women having access to sacred spaces where we can be together, listen, teach, and pass on wisdom. 69 more words

Red Tent

Danger Diary Challenge Days 7-10, Friendship, Red Tents, Books and Quan Yin

A friend I adore……

This girl has been with me through some of my darkest days and celebrated with me in my success.  We’ve known each other since we were kids and is basically family at this point. 249 more words

Danger Diary Challenge

The Garden of My Heart's Desire, Part 3

I am stopped at the gate by a Keeper and asked to state my business; though I have never been here in current memory, the words I need come easily: “I have come to seek the guidance of my Lady Freya. 1,813 more words