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The Orchestrator of ALL things

Can I just be honest with you all for a moment? I often struggle to believe that God will use everything for good. I have read Romans 8:28 often and most times I have the same thought, “surely He doesn’t mean… 1,319 more words

Rekindling Passion & Romance

Before I met my husband, I used to be reminded of how single I was on that dreaded Hallmark’s Holiday we all know as Valentine’s Day.   711 more words


A Sisterhood Event

I think us ladies can all agree that life can be very stressful. Some of you may be mothers, wives, business owners, work professionals, college students, or maybe all of the above. 302 more words


February 18: Red Tent Moon in Aquarius

On Sunday February 18th we will sit and meditate with the new moon in Aquarius, which brings with it an airy energy that will allow us to view the bigger picture. 123 more words

Red Tent

January Topic for Red Tent Series

Happy New Year!!!

I am excited to kick off the 2018 year motivated, on track, and hopeful, how about you? I will be honest, as I always try to keep it real for us, I do notice that I may lose site of all my New Year’s Resolutions, 2018 Goals, New Aspirations (whatever you want to call it) as the months pass and “life” happens! 376 more words

Carmentalia and the Festival of Muses.

As per the Julian Calendar, today marks the first day of Carmentalia. Carmena, is the goddess of women health, birthing and prophecy. She has two sisters, Porrima, who reveals the past and Postvorta, who tells the future. 616 more words

Divine Feminine

Anniversaries and Endings

Today is the anniversary of my miscarriage. I feel it every year. This year has been no different. I am going to Demartini it before the next one. 104 more words