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The Marxian Roots Of The Robot

Red Wedge, April 7, 2016.

Robots of the world! The power of man has fallen! A new world has arisen: the Rule of the Robots! March!

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The Inaugural Ousmane Sembène Fiction Prize, Kondaikanal Won't!, and Other Adventures at Red Wedge

Recently, I accepted a position at Red Wedge Magazine as a contributing editor. I’m thrilled to be joining the publication in a more formal capacity, and to be working with a wonderfully talented team of editors, writers, and artists. 271 more words


The Miner's Strike and the politics of punk

Punk music in the UK was arguably a response to the poor conditions of living during James Callaghan’s time as Labour Prime Minister. Though it wasn’t until Thatcher came to power that punk really hit its political stride. 958 more words