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Camping post: Chicken with red wine sauce

I’m currently on the north coast of Barkley Sound. Three days ago I was on the South coast in Bamfield. My life over the last week has involved mainly surfing and fishing for halibut and salmon. 454 more words


Friday feast

Pork, beef, potatoes, chili butter, red wine sauce. Delicious.


Greek style shoulder of lamb with foolproof lemon and caper roasted potatoes

Spring has sprung which means that British lamb is in season so get it while you can. I chose to use half a  lamb shoulder but this would work with leg as well. 462 more words


Selective memories and Homemade Tomato Sauces!

It’s funny how my memory works. How it decides what information to retain for safe keeping and which to discard…..weird perhaps? Like for example, if you asked me what’s the difference between a proton and a neutron, you’d hear a cricket chirp or what are five elements from the periodic table..then you’d hear more crickets chirp!! 782 more words

Foodie Love


This is for you men.

Cooking is for women? No way. Cooking is preparing food and therefore a matter for us all. I am not cooking as I see my duty as “future-to-be-housewife” where cooking shall be the no #1 skill. 191 more words

Changing tradition with deboned lamb ribs and a warm roast potato salad

As you might be aware of this fact, if you follow the blog ☺️, our Saturday lunch tradition as inherited from my in-laws house is hot dogs or burgers. 600 more words

Quick Lunch

Braised Beef (or Venison) + Mushrooms + Wine + Veggies

All of those pluses add up to deliciousness, in case you were wondering about that.  It’s a very scientific formula.

No really.

This was one of my favorite new recipes that we’ve tried lately.  285 more words