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Adam's Fun Facts: Redbox, Beer, Octopuses & More

What fast food restaurant created Redbox?  What do beer and tomatoes have in common?  Who came up with the name “Gotham?”  All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts: 102 more words


When You're Tired Of Streaming, Check Out The Best Redbox Movies To Watch This Month

For those who want a change from raiding Netflix’s ample reservoirs and want to see the newest titles available, there’s always Redbox, which provides new DVDs and games for rent much in the way that your local video store did before they learned what it was to be unloved. 1,077 more words


Redbox: Surprise Deal Each Day Thru 10/11 (Text Offer)

Don’t miss out on a super movie night with Redbox. They are sending out a surprise deal each day thru 10/11. All you have to do is text the word “DEALS” to 727272. 18 more words


Fear Clinic (2014) Film Review: A Cautionary Tale for the Horror Collector

Sadly, I cannot say I found myself surprised by this one. From the start, I can tell you that you will probably be let down by it. 555 more words


FREE Redbox Video Game Rental - US

Redbox is offering up a FREE 1-day Video Game rental when you use the code “NEWGEN” at Redbox.com or in the mobile app (a $3 discount!).

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We need your suggestions for a title for this new fake movie, where I play a slightly deranged and somewhat genetically altered superhero whose team includes a magical but comically overweight Japanese dragon named Puff who has been personally responsible for 870,000 acres of forest fires across Montana and is getting chased by Smokey the Bear in a helicopter; and also a Wiry Little Italian Getaway Driver named Lil Caesar who used to drive Indy cars until a pinkie injury put him out of the action, but whose primary source of income is now flipping little porcelain figurines he buys at garage sales on Ebay with his mad hacker skills and drinking himself to death until he meets a top level espionage recruiter from a secret joint task force of the CIA and whatever Italy’s secret spy organization is called (who cares, it’s an Italian phrase you won’t remember after the movie, you’ll just remember that it was a really famous actor whose initials start with Samuel L. 586 more words

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Redbox: Special offer for Kroger shoppers

Get a FREE one night movie rental with the purchase of specially marked packages of Kroger Brand Deli Pizza.

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