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Sugar, Spice and Buy Me Things Nice.

Happy Valentine’s Week! Since the most romantic day of the year fell on a Tuesday, like most employed people, I spent the day in my office waiting for Frank-still-on-parole to deliver flowers and a balloon bouquet. 637 more words

Did I like The Accountant? #nospoilers

Maybe about once or twice a week my fiance loves to pick up a movie from our Redbox machine. This past week he rented The Accountant. 220 more words

Ben Affleck

And we’re back! Like I mentioned last week, I want to try and post about positive things I run into or read about, to help me/us remember there really are a ton of good things happening out there. 510 more words

The River Blog


It’s that time of year when a German gentleman named Jan from Benno’s Figures Forum announces the theme for this year’s ‘Group Build’; a collaboration in which Forum contributors from across Europe, nay – the world, collate their figures for display at the FIGZ convention in Arnhem. 370 more words


I've got this/I don't got this

Last week I managed to come down with a nasty bug. I am not sure what it was. It was nasty. After a few miserable days I was beginning to feel only slightly better-just enough that if any of my kids got sick I would be well enough to take care of them. 783 more words

The Book of Heroes.

Kate: What’s a hero, um. A hero-ings. Book of hero-ings?

Me: Let me see that. Book of Heroines. It’s a woman hero. Wait, that doesn’t make sense.

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National Geographic

The Perfect Weekend to Binge

This past weekend in New York City it snowed and it snowed enough for anyone to have the excuse to stay inside all weekend.  Most people don’t need an excuse to stay inside (such as myself) however this opportunity was granted for those who do need an excuse and I do hope the advantage was taken. 534 more words