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Throwback Thursday - Reddy performs 'Think' live on KBS

This post is a bit early for my U.S. readers but I’ve been getting a lot of hits from readers in Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia and South Korea lately (thanks for the love ya’ll). 69 more words

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Hard Work = Harder Decisions

Well new job is well a job. Nothing much to be said. It is all new it is work and I have to stand all day long. 674 more words

Work, work, work

Well I’m pretty sure my husband still hates me. He laughs at the fact he can treat me like shit and I still love him. It’s like it’s some sort of sick game. 621 more words

Artist Interview - Reddy [February 2016]

]Many thanks to Reddy for agreeing to be interviewed for SeoulRebels! Check out the Korean version of this interview here. Thanks Jaehyuk for all your hard work on the translations! 912 more words

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The Key to my Heart Stabbed me in the Eye

After  arguments all day and hardly speaking to my husband I spent most of my time crying alone and doing house work. I was so hurt because here it is our weekend to enjoy each other and he was being nothing but a jerk to me. 1,638 more words

What to do Now?

There is nothing more frustrating to me than not-knowing and waiting. It is even more difficult to take life one day at a time when your not sure what you should be doing that day. 1,283 more words

The Down Play of White Culture

So I don’t think I am the only one to feel this way. From what I have seen with other white and other race relationships, the white person is always expected to learn 100% of the other persons culture. 268 more words